Academic Scholarships

Scholarships to Saint Peter’s Prep are based on academic ability. Ignatian scholarships are granted to the top 10% of those who take the (arch)diocesan admissions exams or their equivalents (SSAT, etc.). Sheehan Scholarships are awarded to students at the top of our applicant pool, based on superior grades, involvement in school and/or community, and an interview. There are no additional applications or tests for merit-based scholarships; decisions on academic scholarships are made based on the results of the admissions exam and a review of the students’ grades. All academic scholarships are renewed each year if the student maintains a B+ average (Sheehan Scholars) and a B average (Ignatian Scholars). For more information on the scholarship program, please contact Mr. John Irvine, ’83, P’11, Director of Admissions.

Gerald V. Sheehan, ’48 Academic Scholarships

The Sheehan Academic Scholarships were created in 2011 by Mr. Gerald V. Sheehan, ’48, to attract to Prep what Saint Ignatius Loyola and his Jesuit companions termed ‘aptissimi,’ or ‘the very best.’ The scholarship covers the entire tuition during each of a student’s four years at the school. They will also fund his participation in a summer enrichment program. Additionally, students in this program are mentored by three Directors and a team of upperclassmen scholars. Sheehan Scholars are selected through an interview process. If a student is asked to interview, this will be communicated in his acceptance letter.

Please send any inquiries about the Sheehan Program to sheehan@spprep.org.

Ignatian Scholarships

Ignatian Scholars score in the top 10% for the Total Battery on the entrance exam. Students who are offered Ignatian Scholarships will participate in an enrichment program over the course of their freshman year. They will be mentored by two Directors and a carefully selected team of upperclassmen who will meet with them on a regular basis on a variety of topics such as time management, co-curriculars, spirituality, and Prep life. The Ignatian Scholars Team also sponsors lectures and presentations by alumni achievers, service projects, and trips to art galleries and museums. For more information about Ignatian Scholarships, please email Mr. John Irvine at IrvineJ@spprep.org.

HAP Grants

A small number of grants are available to those students who participated in the Higher Achievement Program. These are based on both need and dedication to the ideals of HAP.

Endowed Scholarships

Since Prep’s founding in 1872, numerous benefactors have provided funds in support of students who otherwise would not be able to afford the school’s tuition and fees. A majority of these gifts have been devoted to the creation of endowed scholarships — that is, permanently restricted funds that are invested prudently, and whose annual interest provides a majority of our resources for financial assistance. Currently, there are 155 of these specially endowed funds, each named for the individual, family, or group that made that fund possible. To date, these combined funds totaled $25.8 million, helping Prep to provide some $2.7 million in merit- and need-based scholarships. The awards are made on an annual basis, and recipients of the need-based grants must complete all requirements that are part of the school’s broader financial aid application process, with a result of proving quantifiable financial need.

Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Students (SFIC)

Families may qualify for grants from the SFIC. For more information, please visit their website at www.sficnj.org.

Outside Grants

Prep recognizes no promise of grants from outside institutions, organizations or individuals unless written notice from the granting agency is given to and accepted by the Financial Aid Director.


As per New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) regulations, Saint Peter’s Prep offers no athletic scholarships.