World Language courses are conversational with dedicated instruction to Integrated Performance Assessments that demonstrate levels of proficiency based on the guidelines established by ACTFL, The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. All freshmen are required to take Latin in their freshman year, and they are encouraged to continue in their Latin studies in subsequent years. Ignatian and Sheehan scholars are required to take a minimum of two years of Latin. Additionally, all students are required to take two consecutive years of a modern language beginning in their sophomore year. Although a third and fourth year of a classical or modern language is not a requirement, the department strongly recommends such, and high-achievers are also encouraged to consider the simultaneous study of two languages. Students who demonstrate excellence in modern languages may be eligible for AP World Language courses prior to their senior year.


Ms. Rosalie Romano

Ms. Aymee Torres, P’19
Asst. Chairperson

Mr. David Burokas, ’85

Mr. David Caulfield, ’77

Ms. Miryam DeChiaro

Mr. Joseph Madonna

Mr. Patrick McGovern, ’99

Ms. Raiza Menendez

Ms. Elisabeth Oberhollenzer

Mr. Remi Pastorek

Mr. Salvatore Veniero, ’05