Each year, Saint Peter’s Prep runs a number of week-long Christian Service summer immersion trips. Students and faculty who participate in these trips speak of engaging and eye-opening experiences. These trips are a chance for Prep students to leave their comfort zones behind for a week and live in solidarity with people who are poor and marginalized.

Immersion Programs: Summer 2021

In-Person Experiences

  • Romero Center (Camden, NJ): Each summer, Prep students travel to Camden, NJ to spend a week at the Romero Center. Students serve at agencies around Camden and Philadelphia and examine issues of injustice. Participants live in community with volunteers from other schools, and are afforded opportunities for education and reflection each evening. June 21-26, 2021.
  • JusticeworX Trenton (Class of 2023): On JusticeworX, high school students spend a week of their summer in an overnight setting exploring the Gospel call to build a more just world, participating in dynamic prayer services, building community with fellow participants and volunteering in the community. Students return home prepared and inspired to make service and justice central components of their lives. June 27-July 3, 2021.

Virtual Experiences (hosted at Prep)

  • Dolores Mission, Los Angeles, CA (Class of 2022): A virtual version of the Class of 2022’s Mission Trip, hosted by Dolores Mission, a Jesuit parish in East LA. During this experience, students will spend four afternoons at Prep having live calls with people working for justice in LA, including Jesuits from Dolores Mission, representatives of Homeboy Industries, anti-recidivism activists, an addiction counselor who was once homeless himself, and people working to address education inequalities and homelessness. After each online session, the group will share dinner together in person and reflect on the experience. June 28-July 1, 2021.
  • El Salvador Encounter (CRISPAZ): El Salvador Encounter is a faith-based experience where participants learn from the Salvadoran people about their lives, histories, and hopes for the future. A major focus of the encounter is to reflect on the meaning of working for justice rather than working for charity, understanding one’s role as a global citizen and humanizing the different issues that are present in our societies. Participants will meet with members of grassroots organizations, as well as speakers on history, politics, economics, and more importantly current issues, with live Spanish-to-English interpretation provided by the CRISPAZ (Christians for Peace in El Salvador) staff. Lunch will be provided each day, as an opportunity for students to reflect on the experience in-person. July 12-16, 2021.
  • Appalachian Institute, Wheeling, WV: Working with our partners at the Appalachian Institute, participants will learn about important issues of poverty and ecological justice through live conversation with local activists and residents. Tom Breiding, the head of the institute, will also introduce participants to the history of Appalachia through storytelling and song. Lunch will be provided each day, as an opportunity for students to reflect on the experience in-person. July 19-22, 2021.