We are currently celebrating the 150th anniversary of Saint Peter’s Prep. Think about that for a second – 150 years. We are older than the Statue of Liberty (by 14 years). That’s pretty cool. As part of our 150th celebration we are writing a book to chronicle Prep’s rich history. Much of the book consists of personal accounts from alumni starting in 1940 and ending with a graduate from the Class of 2022. I was fortunate to read all of these chapters and the stories are amazing.

One graduate from the 1940s talked about a time he was late for school because cattle were blocking the street a few blocks from Prep. Another from the 1950s recalled hitchhiking to Rhode Island to watch the Prep basketball team compete in a prestigious tournament.

There were also hundreds and hundreds of great memories of teachers and of best friends made at Saint Peter’s Prep. Your chapter is yet to be written. What stories will you tell or be part of someday? Who will be your closest friends,
quite likely guys you have not even met yet?

One of the many awesome things about high school – especially in a school like Prep – is the chance to be your own person, to forge your own path, to write your own story. I hope that you will give Saint Peter’s careful consideration as you choose your home for the next four years. It is more than a school; it is a place where you can find a club that excites you, a sport that energizes you, a teacher who motivates you, and friends who support you.

And maybe, just maybe, your story will be told in our next book on Prep’s history.

John Irvine, ’83, P’11
Director of Admissions