Prep is the only Jesuit school in NJ, but it is one of nearly 850 Jesuit primary and secondary schools throughout the world. Educating students to be interculturally competent is a key aspect of a Prep education that is woven into the fabric of our curriculum. This education is supported by a rich array of offerings both inside and outside of the classroom that take advantage of our partnerships around the world to expand student perspectives through exchange programs and projects both virtually and in person. We are committed to the formation of our students as Global Citizens. 

“Global Citizens are those who continuously seek to deepen their awareness of their place and responsibility in an increasingly interconnected world, both locally and globally; those who stand in solidarity with others in the pursuit of a sustainable earth and a more humane world as true companions in the mission of reconciliation and justice.”

– The Jesuit Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education Global Taskforce, 2019

Global Education Student Board

The Global Ed Student Board is a group of students, committed to Global Citizenship, who work throughout the school year to bring school-wide programming on global issues to their classmates. They have brought in outside speakers on topics such as the migrant crisis or foreign service careers and have spearheaded projects to clean up the environment or raise awareness about the lack of access to education around the world through The Red Chair Project (La Silla Roja)

Global Perspectives Course

Global Perspectives is an elective course, which seeks to create global citizens who take action toward creating a more just and sustainable future. Guided by the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus, the course uses contemporary world literature to examine issues of global significance such as education, poverty, peace and justice, migration, and climate change. In addition to reading literature, students will watch films, conduct research, and implement individual and group projects on global topics of choice. Through virtual exchanges and other activities, students will gain a deeper awareness of the international network of Jesuit schools and will consider their role in carrying out its global mission.

Ignatian Global Scholars

Saint Peter’s Prep will allow students to pursue an Ignatian Global Scholar Certificate from the Jesuit Schools Network, which will be awarded at graduation upon fulfillment of the requirements and review by a committee. The Director of Global Initiatives shall serve as the student advisor, guiding students through the process using this tracking sheet. The Director will then recommend students to the Ignatian Global Scholar Certificate Committee, composed of peers, faculty, and administration, who will give a final review of the students’ applications and render decisions. Contact Mr. Veniero if you are interested.  

Each academic year Prep offers many exciting travel opportunities to students. They may participate in exchanges with one of our partner schools with short-term offerings in groups of 10-20 students hosting here in the US and traveling abroad for about two weeks on either side or they may opt for long-term individual exchanges, tailored to individual needs, that can last up to 90 days. Either of these experiences allow students to be immersed in a host family and school, getting to live in another culture. We also offer for-credit summer enrichment courses with varying topics that also include a travel component. You can see the plans for the current academic year outlined on this document.

Salvatore J. Veniero, ’05
Director of Global Initiatives

It is a real privilege to serve our students by organizing these programs. I have been teaching languages and organizing exchange programs at Prep for many years now and watching kids embark on their first international trip, hearing what the experiences have meant to them, or seeing how they mature with even a short stint abroad is by far the most rewarding part of my job. If you have any questions about our global programs feel free to contact me at 201-547-6447 or venieros@spprep.org. There are lots of great things on the horizon!