Service Requirements

The first three grade levels carry with them specific requirements for Christian Service. Christian Service is a requirement of Prep’s curriculum and takes precedence over all other co-curricular activities.

Freshmen must participate in a day of service with their homeroom.

Sophomores must complete 10 hours of Christian service through Prep-sponsored activities or at a non-profit agency approved by Mr. John Dougherty, director of Campus Ministry.  More information about this requirement can be found here.

Juniors must complete 60 hours of direct service, which may be done as a participant on a summer immersion trip, or at a non-profit agency approved by Mr. Dougherty. More information about this requirement can be found here.

Seniors do not have a formal service requirement, but are encouraged to take advantage of voluntary service opportunities throughout the year.

Service Immersion Trips

Each year, Saint Peter’s Prep runs a number of week-long Christian Service summer immersion trips. Students and faculty who participate in these trips speak of engaging and eye-opening experiences. These trips are a chance for Prep students to leave their comfort zones behind for a week and live in solidarity with people who are poor and marginalized.

They fall into three categories:

  • Immersion Trips (Junior Year): Immersion trips are week-long trips to sites in the rural Appalachian region or an Eastern city, which fulfill the 60 hour junior service requirement (and, for this reason, are only open to members of the rising junior class). You can find more information about immersion trips here.
  • Habitat for Humanity Trips (Senior Year): Opportunities for rising seniors to volunteer their time building a house for a family in need.
  • Mission Trips: Service/immersion trips that follow each class year through their Prep career.  These provide an opportunity to work at the sites that students raise money for during Mission Drive!

For more information, please visit our Immersion Trip page!