For the Culture

2023 Fashion Show Tuition Raffle Winner 
Ms. Kara Cohen

2023 Fashion Show 50/50 Winners
Ms. Maureen Gallagher and Mr. Sergio Sandino, P’25
Mr. William P. Lillis, P’10
Ms. Cathy Marchetti

Tier 1 Basket Descriptions
Tier 2 Basket Descriptions
Tier 3 Basket Descriptions


Any questions, looking to volunteer, or just want more information? E-mail us at fashionshow@spprep.org. We’d love to hear from you!

  • Fashion Show Item Donation Forms (PDF)
  • Sponsorships and Ads – Click for a list of sponsorship opportunities for the 2023 Fashion Show.
  • Solicitation Letter (PDF)
    • If you’ll be soliciting donations for our tricky tray, this letter will tell your friends and colleagues what the PPA Fashion Show is all about! Don’t forget to include the advertising and item donation form when sending your letter!
  • 2023 Fashion Show Registry – If you don’t know what to purchase, please check out our registry for great items that get shipped directly to Prep!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Fun Gift Ideas – Here is a great list of suggested items for a variety of different themed baskets that you can donate or solicit for our basket raffle.
  • Drop-off Locations – If you can’t stop by Prep to drop off, we have a list of parents who will be collecting items in different New Jersey counties. Check the list out!


Paola Briones-Marro, P’25
Eva Camilo-Pena, P’21, ’22, ’25
Anna Cepeda-Mays, P’25, ‘26
Jennifer Fecowycz, P’26
Lori Heidenry, P’24  
Laura Herrera, P’25
Briege Lennon, P’24