Mr. Kieran Halloran, S.J., (bottom center) Prep’s Jesuit regent, with a student retreat group.

Have you ever thought about religious life – perhaps joining the Society of Jesus and becoming a Jesuit? The first step in considering the priesthood is as easy as having an informal discussion with a teacher, a priest, or a campus minister.

Jesuits work in a variety of capacities around the world. They are doctors providing needed healthcare in mission areas. They are teachers in high schools and colleges across the country and around the world. Jesuits lead retreats. They work for social justice – feeding the poor, caring for immigrants, and fighting oppressive regimes. What’s unique about being a Jesuit is that its members are encouraged to follow their hearts. Being a Jesuit priest doesn’t prevent you from being a doctor; it won’t keep you from being a lawyer. The ministry possibilities are endless.

For more information about becoming a Jesuit, and to get an idea of what the process is like, visit the website for the Jesuit Vocations Website.

Vocations Director Fr. Philip Florio, S.J.

Some Notable Jesuit Alumni

  • Fr. Carl Hausmann, S.J., Class of 1918: Missionary and US Army chaplain, gave his life to save other POWs in the Pacific
  • Fr. John E. Browning, S.J., ’46: Prep teacher, counselor, and principal; founder of Prep’s Higher Achievement Program (HAP) and the Ebony Club, and the namesake of Prep’s Browning Center
  • Fr. Earle Markey, S.J., ’46: Former Prep basketball star and principal, associate director of admissions at the College of the Holy Cross
  • Fr. Charles Beirne, S.J., ’56: One of only two American Jesuits who volunteered to take the place of the Jesuits murdered at the University of Central America in El Salvador in 1989; later president of LeMoyne College
  • Fr. Joseph Parkes, S.J., ’62: Former New York provincial, president of Prep, and founding president of Cristo Rey New York High School
  • Fr. John F. Baldovin, S.J., ’65: Professor of historical and liturgical theology at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry
  • Fr. Jim Croghan, S.J., ’73: Rector of the Xavier Jesuit Community in NYC, director of Ignatian Identity programs at Regis High School