Sal DiBrita ’12 (ASC 2017-18) leading a senior retreat

The Saint Peter’s Prep Alumni Service Corps is a program designed to allow four Saint Peter’s Prep alumni and recent college graduates to serve the educational and formational needs of the school, in ways that would also develop their professional goals. Alumni Service Corps is a full-time employment position, and lasts for the entire school year.

The Alumni Service Corps (ASC) usually consists of four members, alumni of Saint Peter’s Prep and first-year college graduates, who serve the Prep community in a variety of ways. Their work addresses student-centered needs in the offices of Admissions, Campus Ministry, Student Life, the Browning Center, and serving as teaching aides/academic support in academic departments, as well as other roles and responsibilities determined according to the skills and interests of the Corps members. They may also serve as coaches, club moderators, tutors, and retreat leaders.  ASC members are compensated with a modest monthly stipend.

Members also participate in a formational program that allows them to reflect upon and advance in their professional and personal goals. This includes regular one-on-one meetings with the program director and a retreat during second semester. Additionally, each ASC member is assigned a mentor, with whom they will meet regularly to receive advice and guidance relating to their particular responsibilities.

Although ASC members live elsewhere and commute to Prep, intentional community is fostered among the Corps members through bi-weekly reflection dinners at Prep with the program coordinators. Corps members are also be encouraged to spend intentional time with one another outside of formal programs.

Applications are now open to Saint Peter’s Prep alumni:

The Alumni Service Corps application can be found here.

Reference forms for applicants can be found here. Please send this link to TWO references who know you well and can speak to your suitability for this position.

A completed application will include:

  • The above application form (submitted and complete)
  • Two references
  • A resume e-mailed to CaulfieldC@spprep.org

Current & Past Alumni Service Corps Members

  • Mr. Declan Alvidrez, ’18 (Campus Ministry) – 2022-23
  • Mr. Sean Connors, ’18 (Browning Center) – 2022-23
  • Mr. Liam Nolan, ’17 (Campus Ministry) – 2021-22
  • Mr. Justin Yannece, ’17 (Browning Center) – 2021-22
  • Mr. Justin Penik, ’16 (Campus Ministry/Browning Center) – 2020-21
  • Mr. Nick Dawybida, ’15 (Campus Ministry) – 2019-20
  • Mr. James Maglione, ’15 (Student Life) – 2019-20
  • Mr. Vincent Menafro, ’15 (Science) – 2019-20
  • Mr. Anthony Ruvo, ’15 (Campus Ministry) – 2017-18
  • Mr. Raphael Ortiz, ’10 (Admissions/Browning Center) – 2017-18
  • Mr. Sal DiBrita, ’12 (Campus Ministry) – 2016-17
  • Mr John Irvine, ’11 (Admissions) – 2015-16
  • Mr. Eric Jablonski, ’11 (Campus Ministry) – 2015-16
  • Mr. Will Ryan, ’11 (Advancement/Student Life) – 2015-16
  • Mr. Alexander Cogott, ’10 (Campus Ministry) – 2014-15
  • Mr. Peter Dougherty, ’10 (Academic Support) – 2014-15
  • Mr. Renato Rodrigues, ’10 (Academic Support) – 2014-15
  • Mr. Michael Wright, ’10 (Admissions) – 2014-15
  • Mr. Mark Doherty, ’09 (Admissions) – 2013-14

Please contact Dr. Susan Woolever, Director of Campus Ministry, with any questions at WooleverS@spprep.org or 201-547-6486.