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Conceived in 2020 and announced publicly in the spring of 2022 as the school celebrated its sesquicentennial anniversary, the Forever Forward Campaign provides funding for two of Saint Peter’s Prep’s major institutional initiatives:

  • The upgrade of the physical plant
  • The growth of Prep’s resources for need- and merit-based scholarships and financial assistance

This follows the model of the school’s previous capital campaigns: Keys to the Future, Carpe Diem, and Imagine Phases One and Two.
The physical plant component is highlighted by the extensive English Building project, with the first stage of construction completed during the summer of 2023.

The scholarship/financial aid component has been an ongoing initiative and is receiving increased focus during this campaign. This includes expanding the school’s resources for both endowed and non-endowed (“restricted”) funds that help Prep attract and retain its talented student body.

All gifts to the Forever Forward campaign are fully tax-deductible through Prep’s status as a recognized 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

Prep’s Iconic Building, Reborn

Beginning in the spring of 2023, Prep’s historic English Building is receiving an extensive renovation that will improve every aspect of the building’s functionality.

With a budget of $12 million, the project’s goal is to create a 21st century academic facility, while also maintaining the building’s historic character as an important and iconic component of Prep’s historic campus and Paulus Hook neighborhood.

Rendering of updated classroom | Click to enlarge
Grand Street entry rendering | Click to enlarge
Work in progress, summer 2023 | Click to enlarge
Grand Street facade, September 2023 | Click to enlarge

Exterior work during the summer of 2023 included new slate roofing, cleaning and repointing of the decorative Grand Street façade, and installation of new, original-style wood-framed windows on that façade.

Project Highlights

  • A reimagined library, including a loft area for collaborative research projects
  • Expanded facilities for the studio art curriculum
  • Full modernization of all classrooms and offices
  • An updated student fitness center
  • An updated Warren Street lobby entrance
  • New HVAC and mechanical systems throughout
  • Restoration of the historic facade and stained glass
  • New windows throughout
  • Expanded restroom facilities

Timeframe & Design

The remaining work is scheduled to be executed over two summers (2024 and 2025), in order to minimize the impact of the construction on the academic year.

The building’s planning and architectural design is being provided
by Beyer Blinder Belle. This Manhattan firm has partnered with Prep on the planning and design of past projects, including the conversion of Burke Hall into the Moriarty Science Center, the renovations of Hogan and Mulry Halls, and the construction of the Perkins Athletic Center. Restoration, renovation, and adaptive reuse of historic buildings have been major components of the firm’s practice for decades. Our English Building is in good hands—the same hands that (among many other projects) have restored New York’s City Hall, redeveloped Kennedy Airport’s iconic TWA terminal, and are now re-envisioning Washington’s Union Station.

About the English Building

With its magnificent Romanesque architecture and stunning redstone façade, the building is an eye-catching and universally admired structure whose proud bearing is a hallmark of its setting.

  • Opened in 1889, housing the all-girls Academy of St. Aloysius.
  • Acquired by Prep in 1924.
  • Memorial Gymnasium built next door in 1948
  • Library renovated, circulation improved, and courtyard lobby built 1994-95
  • In 2012, its sturdy construction and solid footing allowed the building to escape Superstorm Sandy unscathed, making it the first Prep building to reopen.
Renovated library with new loft area | Click to Enlarge
Expanded Art Studio | Click to Enlarge
New Fitness Center | Click to Enlarge

Your support can help fund the restoration of the English Building and ensure the continued strength of Prep’s financial aid and scholarship offerings.

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