Following is a list of co-curricular activities offered at Prep, along with their moderators:

Academic BowlMs. Catie Eppler & Mr. Will Reese
Adventure ClubMr. Greg Morrissey, ’08
Anime ClubFr. Bob O’Hare, S.J.
Art Club/MarARTerMs. Megan Klim, P’16
& Mr. Patrick McCoy
Asian SocietyMr. Pat McGovern, ’99
Aviation ClubMr. Anthony Keating, ’78, P’10
BandMr. Steve Caslowitz
Baseball ClubMr. Carlos Tabora, ’87
Breaking BarriersMr. Joe Giglio, ’87
& Mr. Jerry Campbell-Clark
Celtic ClubMs. Kitty McNally
& Ms. Mary Anne McElroy
Chess ClubMr. Charles Coccaro
Coding ClubDr. Michael Holt, ’99
Culinary ClubMs. Erin Stark
& Mr. Michael Fletcher, ’21
Debate ClubMr. Peter Welch
Diversity BoardMs. Belkise Dallam
& Ms. Sarah Morissette
Dramatics ClubMr. Adam Bouley
Dungeons & DragonsMr. Will Reese
Ebony ClubMr. Jim Dondero, ’66, P’00
Economics ClubMr. Anthony Keating, ’78, P’10
& Mr. Casey Quinn
Engineering ClubDr. Michael Holt, ’99
Environmental ClubMs. Carmela Schlitzer
Fed & Euro ChallengeMr. Anthony Keating, ’78, P’10
& Mr. Casey Quinn
Feminism is for EverybodyMs. Mary Durante
French ClubMr. Remi Pastorek
French ExchangeMr. Remi Pastorek
Game of Thrones ClubFr. Bob O’Hare, S.J.
German ClubMr. Sal Veniero, ’05
Hebrew ClubDr. Jeff Hartling
History Club
IntramuralsMr. Ryan O’Flaherty
Italian ClubMs. Rosalie Romano
Italian ExchangeMs. Rosalie Romano
Law SocietyMr. Anthony Keating, ’78, P’10
League of Legends ClubMr. Carlos Tabora, ’87
Marauder NationMr. Mike Murcia, ’08
Math ClubMr. Jerry Campbell-Clark
Medical ClubMs. Jan Merski
& Mr. Kevin Kuhl, ’14
Model UNMr. Will Reese
National Honor SocietyMs. Jessica Nordstrom
& Ms. Grace Morris
PetreanMr. James Maglione, ’15
PetrocMr. Pete Geary, ’05
Prep Connection (Ignatian Scholars)
Prep SolesMs. Belkise Dallam
PromMs. Janice Martineau
Ms. Diane Casazza, P’95,’97
Psychology ClubMr. Nathan Riley
Robotics TeamFr. Bob O’Hare, S.J.
Rock & Blues ClubMr. Steve Caslowitz
Liturgical CoordinatorMr. Kieran Halloran, S.J.
Science National Honors SocietyMr. Tom Comey
Soccer ClubMs. Caroline Hutchinson
Spanish ClubMs. Aymee Torres
& Ms. Miryam DeChiaro
Spanish Honor SocietyMs. Aymee Torres
SPPAC (Performing Arts Club)Fr. John Mullin, S.J.
& Ms. Trish Fitzpatrick, P’07,’16
Spring MusicalMr. Adam Bouley
& Ms. Emily Fencik
Spring Musical – ProducerMs. Dalma Santana
Stage CrewMr. Rocko Tejada
Stock Market ClubMs. Ella Glazer
Student CouncilMs. Catie Eppler
Super Smash Brothers ClubMr. Casey Quinn
TV StudioMr. James Maglione, ’15
& Mr. Anthony Locricchio, ’96
Video Game ClubFr. Bob O’Hare, S.J.
VoxMs. Emily Fencik
Winter DramaMr. Jim Dondero, ’66, P’00
Yoga ClubMs. Jessica Nordstrom
& Dr. Natalie Williams