Dear Prospective Prep Student,

I am often asked to compare Saint Peter’s Prep to other schools where our applicants might apply. It would be unfair for me to do that because I could not possibly be objective. I graduated from Prep, my son graduated from Prep, I coached at Prep, taught English at Prep and have been the Director of Admissions at Prep since 2002. Speak to me about Saint Peter’s for more than a minute and you’ll know that I love this school.

The truth is, you must do some investigating and then make that comparison yourself.  Every student is different and so only you can tell if a school is the right fit. You may hope to be challenged academically or you may need some extra help with your courses. You may be interested in one particular club or you may just want a wide variety from which to choose. You may love a certain sport or you may want to play several during the year.

Explore our website to see if Saint Peter’s has the academics, activities or athletics that interest you.  Then perhaps attend an Open House or visit our campus as a Freshman for a Day and you’ll know if Saint Peter’s Prep is the school for you.

John Irvine, ’83, P’11

Director of Admissions
(201) 547-6389