Head Coach: Mr. Abdoulaye Thiam

Back-to-Back STATE CHAMPIONS in 2017 & 2018!!


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Fencing began at Saint Peter’s as a club in 2004, and then was moved to Varsity level the next season 2005/2006. In their 1st season, we had only two fencing meets with other high schools, and joined only two State Tournaments. In the second part of our season in 2006/2007, we had 10 meets with other schools, wining three of these meets. We also joined all NJSIAA and NJIFA tournaments. We achieved 1st place individual of District 3 Sabre Men (won by Sean Buckley), and the 11th place in the State individual, also won by Buckley. Our goal this year is to meet with about 14 other high schools, in addition to joining all NJSIAA and NJIFA tournaments.


Foil, épée and sabre are the three weapons used in the sport of fencing. While it is not unusual for fencers to compete in all three events, they generally choose to develop their skills in one weapon. Foil and épée are point-thrusting weapons. Sabre is a point-thrusting as well as a cutting weapon. The target areas differ for the three weapons, though all three are scored electrically.

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2021-2022 Results

  • Tai Flot ’23 ranked 14th in sabre and Peter Bruk ’24 ranked 5th in foil.
  • Our saber team ranked 4th in the district.
  • Our foil team ranked 2nd in the district.