It might not be as prominent as the Saint Peter statue dedicated last month, but another addition to the scenery of the Warren Street Plaza is another celebration of Prep’s legacy and mission. Above the entrance to the Moriarty Science Center, the large letters AMDG (ad majorem Dei gloriam) have been installed as a reminder that everything that everything we do at Grand & Warren, we do for the greater glory of God.

This simple motto, attributed to Saint Ignatius of Loyola, adopted by the Society of Jesus, and echoed in Jesuit education through the centuries and around the world, is also acknowledged at the iconic corner of Grand & Warren, where it is inscribed on the cornerstone of Mulry Hall.

AMDG is a familiar statement in a Jesuit school, but it’s also an invitation and a challenge,” said Prep president Michael Gomez, Ed.D., ’91. “Whatever we set out to do, it reminds us that our efforts are a form of prayer, and that by striving for our best we give glory to God.”

In the decades since the Warren Street Plaza opened, and particularly since the old Burke Hall became the Moriarty Science Center in 2011, foot traffic on Prep’s campus has shifted toward mid-block and away from the Mulry entrance, so the new installation ensures it remains highly visible to students in their daily travels

“I have always been so proud that this cornerstone of our Jesuit identity is literally engraved at the iconic corner of Grand & Warren,” Dr. Gomez added, “and I am so proud to display it at what is now the main entrance to our campus for all to see and know the work we do here, together, makes this space sacred.”