This week, as we prepare for the start of the new school year, Prep welcomed new faculty and staff members for a three-day orientation program. With the guidance of Assistant Principal Kimby Heil and members of Prep’s adult formation team, the newcomers gained valuable perspective on life at Grand & Warren. Some highlights included presentations by administrators, veteran faculty members, and students, tours of Prep’s campus, and a bbq lunch with their new colleagues.

A few members of this year’s orientation class have already been on campus for several weeks or even months, having joined the staff since last year’s orientation. Please join us in welcoming these new faces to our community!

Pictured above, left to right:

Front Row:

  • Shamir Bearfield, ’14
    Physical Education & Health
  • Lisa (Clark) DiLallo
    Social Work Intern
  • Destiny Guzman
    Social Work Intern
  • Dan Apadula
  • Carolyn Lieu
  • Rosalynn Valette
    Social Work Intern
  • Scott Petrillo
    Guidance Counselor

Back Row:

  • Dominick Della Fave, ’91
    Browning Learning Center
  • Michael Liebis
    Advancement Database Manager
  • Matthew Holowienka, ’11
    Associate Director of Communications
  • R.V. “Dan” Sarmiento II
    Associate Director of College Counseling
  • Michael Wright, ’10
    Associate Director of Admissions
  • Stephen Fahy
    History & Social Sciences

Not pictured: Josue Pierre, World Languages; William Springer, ’15, English