Prep recognized nine members of the Class of 2025 at an inaugural ceremony on June 8 introducing the Golden Keys Award. The award recognizes sophomores who foster a sense of community among their brothers at Saint Peter’s, just as Saint Peter himself fostered the Church as its first pope.

Named to recall the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, entrusted to Saint Peter by Jesus in the Gospel according to Matthew and emblazoned on the Prep seal— as well as the boat in the statue of Young Peter in Prep’s own courtyard—the Golden Keys Award celebrates those students who use their own “keys” to make their class even better than it already is—by encouraging their classmates to open their hearts to all they encounter, even those who may be outside of their friend circle.

The assembly for sophomores and juniors began with a welcome from Dean of Student Life Ms. Catherine Eppler. Recent graduate Teddy McCarthy, ’23 then spoke to the sophomore and junior classes as an upperclassman leader, as they prepare to take on greater leadership roles at Prep next year.

“While at times, being an upperclassman is filled with fun and privileges, it comes with just as much responsibility. It requires leadership and focus every day to demonstrate the qualities of Prep men to those younger than yourselves,” he said. “…When you carry a positive disposition, you unknowingly uplift the attitudes of those around you, creating a positive environment conducive to achieving great things.”

Golden Keys Award committee members Mr. Michael Fletcher, P’21, Ms. Alison Gorab, Mr. Patrick Laguerre, and Ms. Deirdre McDermott then presented the inaugural Golden Keys Awards.

We congratulate all this year’s inaugural honorees:

  • Dylan Colavitti, ‘25
  • Finn Getz, ‘25
  • Zackari Kaspar, ‘25
  • Noah Mendoza, ‘25
  • Maxwell Middleton, ‘25
  • Daniel Nemeth, ‘25
  •  Jaycen Peterson, ‘25
  • Jack St. Ledger, ‘25
  •  Aneel Ward, ‘25