A team of Prep Italian language students took first place in the annual Italian Language and Culture Competition at Rutgers University. This year’s theme was:  “La Bellezza e’…” (“Beauty is…”), and each of the ten teams was tasked with presenting a skit (in Italian, of course!) demonstrating their response. Prep’s team chose to celebrate Italy’s flag, and the skit, “La Bellezza e’ Tricolore” took the form of a game show, where the contestants were challenged to guess what was behind the green, white, and, red curtains.

Congratulations to the team members, and their mentor, Ms. Rosalie Romano!

  • Gianni Echeverria, ’23:  Game Show host
  • Gianluca Zurlo, ’23:  Green curtain 
  • Rishi Bhandari, ’23:  White curtain
  • Marco Giglio, ’23:  Red curtain
  • Mossimo Infante-Meehan, ’23, Gabriel Russell, ’23 and Nick Valente, ’24:  Prep students (game show contestants)
  • Nico Duarte, ’23:  stage crew (sound effects and background slides)

Prep has competed in the event—formerly held at Montclair State University—for more than a decade, with much success. Each year’s competition presents a new theme for the skits the teams must create and present.