Five upperclassmen received Prep Spirt Awards following the Ash Wednesday Prayer Service. Please join us in congratulating these “unsung heroes,” who were recognized for their contributions in all areas of Prep life.

The five newest Spirit Award recipients are pictured above with Mr. Caulfield and Ms. Eppler. Left to right:

  • Pape-Racine Ndiave, ’24
  • Ernesto Bonilla, ’24
  • Jeremy Kamber, ’23
  • Jamei Schenck, ’23
  • Mossimo Infante-Meehan, ’23

Fr. John Browning, S.J., ’46, introduced the Prep Spirit Awards in the fall of 1981, while serving as Prep’s principal. It was Fr. Browning’s hope that the awards would celebrate all that Prep represented. The Spirit Awards remind us that heroes come in many different forms, and that we should recognize them among us. We hope as well that all can see the good deeds in those we recognize and use their example to inspire our own work. As we celebrate our awardees, we also celebrate the community that sends them forth and nourishes their life among us.