Covid-19 has presented Prep, and our interested eighth graders, with many challenges. For the first semester, Freshman for a Day visits will be virtual. Prospective applicants will be able to log in and follow a current freshman through his day “virtually,” with the opportunity to see part of each class a Prep freshman might attend.

Scheduling your visit

The virtual Freshman for a Day program will start in early October and will run until the Friday before Registration Day. We would like to collect your contact information in order to be able to communicate with you regarding this program. To do so, either start an application or visit the tab here called “Request Information” so we may be in contact with you. More details on the virtual experience will be available by October 1, 2020.

Click here to schedule a Freshman for a Day Visit. (after October 1)

Private Tours

Private tours of the campus, conducted on a regular day of classes during the academic year, may at some point resume. For now, we are waiting for instructions from the state as to when we may allow visitors to Saint Peter’s Prep.

To make an appointment for a private tour, or if you have questions about the Freshman For a Day program, please contact Mrs. Diane Casazza in the Admissions Office at 201-547-6465.

Our student ambassadors love showing prospective students around Prep. Here’s what some of our ambassadors have said:

 “Being a Freshman Ambassador is a fun way to help Prep.  I am proud of Prep and am very excited to share my experiences here with eighth graders.”

Bennett Wong, ’15

Being a freshman ambassador not only gave me the opportunity to share the Saint Peter’s Prep experience with an eighth grader, it also helped me recognize how fortunate I am to be a Prep student.

Connor Bankuti, ’22

“This program gives a visual of what a freshman would go through during his school day. When I went for Freshman For a Day my experience really made my decision clear to come to Saint Peter’s Prep.”

James Niland, ’16

And some insights from FFaD guests…

“My Freshman for a Day experience was exceptional. Prior to FFaD I was undecided. After FFaD I wanted nothing more than to attend Prep. My freshman, Billy Fitzpatrick, was very nice and helpful. He answered all of my questions and made me feel welcome. I don’t think anything in particular stood out for me. I loved every part of my day. The teachers all seemed excellent and the information they were teaching was very intriguing. Overall, I loved the atmosphere as well as everything else. I would recommend Freshman for a Day to anyone who is considering going to Saint Peter’s Prep.”

Alex DeMartino, ’17

Freshman for a Day was one of the most informative things for me as I made my high school decision.  The experience showed me how great Prep is, how the brotherhood is real, and it convinced me to attend Prep.

Alex Puhak, ’22

Although I already knew about Prep’s reputation for academics, sports,
and service from my dad and brother, I got to experience a taste of
Prep myself while a Freshman for a Day. I didn’t need to look at any
other high school, because I knew that I wanted to become a man for
others at Prep.

Eli Jablonski, ’23

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