Dear Friends of Prep,

The story of the Jesuits begins with a young man and a cannonball.  Inigo Lopez de Loyola, a pampered Spanish nobleman, found his life irrevocably changed when a battlefield injury led him to discover a deep, unexpected desire to serve God.  He went on to become St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus and the Jesuit educational tradition.

Here at Saint Peter’s Prep, we seek to provide our students with opportunities to hear how God speaks in their hearts.  On our retreats, students reflect on God’s presence in their relationships and passions.  Through our service and justice programs, students encounter God in people who are poor and marginalized, and the work to create a better world.  In the celebration of liturgy, students discover God through the Scriptures and in our own community.

These encounters can be, and have been, life changing.  As Director of Campus Ministry, I invite you to take advantage of all of the opportunities we offer.  Take the chance to get to know yourselves and your classmates better, to discover lives and stories different from your own, and to see how God is calling you to use your talents for the good of others.  Come on a retreat, join us on a Pax Christi Subway Run, participate in a CLC group, attend an Arrupe Week presentation.

If the story of St. Ignatius of Loyola teaches us anything, it’s that God often speaks to us in unexpected ways.  Who knows what your cannonball could be?

Peace of Christ,

John Dougherty
Director of Campus Ministry