Saint Peter’s Prep wants its students to appreciate the arts and provides opportunities for students to develop their artistic talents. All freshmen take Introduction to Art and Introduction to Music. All other offerings of the department are electives. Students with special talents or interest in these areas are strongly encouraged to enroll in these courses.


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Ms. Megan Klim, P’16 (chair) 201-547-2316
Mr. Adam Bouley 201-547-6427
Mr. Steven Caslowitz 201-547-6394
Ms. Emily Fencik 201-547-6431
Mr. Patrick McCoy 201-547-6384
Ms. Adrienne McLoghlin 201-547-6434
Mr. Ken Trotta 201-547-2351

Learn more:  Performing Arts program | Visual Arts program

Mural in Humanities Building by Curran Banach, ’08, Michael Cortina, ’08, and Brendan White, ’08