Michele and Jeff Kellner, ’85, P’13,’15,’19 receive their Donné Society medals from Fr. Boller, S.J. and Jim Horan, ’70

The Donné Society of Saint Peter’s Preparatory School has been established to recognize women and men who have embraced the Jesuit mission of educating young “men for others” in a very special way. Specifically, the Donné Society honors those who have contributed $100,000 or more to the school throughout their lifetimes, and this special recognition is a lasting tribute to their profound generosity.

Loosely translated from the French word meaning “to give,” the Donné Society reflects the example of the donnés of New France – a group of lay men who, in the 17th century, bound themselves to the Society of Jesus for service to its missions. As such, the French donnés played an invaluable role in the Jesuit missionary effort of that time, sharing the glories and the sacrifices that accompanied it. Their depth of commitment led some to experience the same type of martyrdom that beset their Jesuit confreres.

Like the donnés before them, members of the Donné Society have dedicated themselves to contemporary Jesuit missionary efforts. Their lifelong commitment to Saint Peter’s Preparatory School has been an invaluable part to the school’s mission, and it is for this that we extend a very special recognition.


M/M Gerald V. Sheehan, ‘48

$5,000,000 – $9,999,999

M/M Donald P. Moriarty, ‘48

$1,000,000 – $4,999,999

M/M Brian R. Archer, ’86

M/M Paul L. Audet, ‘71

M/M Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr., ‘62

M/M William J. Bell, ‘57

M/M Thomas W. Duncan, ‘60

The Estate of Stephen E. Hendzak, ’62

The Jesuits of Saint Peter’s

M/M Andrew J. Markey, ‘48

M/M Edmond N. Moriarty, ‘46

M/M Francis A. Tedesco, ‘74

The Tedesco Family Foundation

$750,000 – $999,999

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Braddock, ‘47

The Estate of Robert J. Engel, ‘28

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Rowe, ‘62

M/M Robert T. Zito, ‘71

$500,000 -$749,999

The Brooklyn Prep Alumni Association

M/M Mark D. Hogan, ‘83

The George Link Foundation

M/M Charles M. Lizza, ‘74, P’11,’12

The Edmond N. & Virginia H. Moriarty Charitable Foundation

The Estate of Rev. Maurice L. O’Keefe, ‘49

M/M William Perkins, ‘86

M/M Charles F. X. Poggi, ‘49

M/M Thomas J. Sullivan, ‘53, P’93

M/M Charles J. Trainor, ‘56

The USA Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus

$250,000 – $499,999

M/M Gerard R. Brill, ‘57

M/M Thomas W. Burke, ‘56

M/M John V. Caulfield, ‘71, P’00,’03

M/M Kevin J. Collins, ‘57
M/M Kevin A. Cummings, ‘72, P’05,’10

M/M Laurence T. Fell, ‘54

M/M George A. Fleck, ‘68

M/M Vito J. Germinario, ‘70

M/M Robert P. Groesbeck, ‘57

Mr. Marc Keane

The Estate of Paul M. Kierney, ‘66

M/M Brian T. Kloza, P’91,’94,’02

M/M Kenneth F. Kunzman, ‘54

Dr. Maureen & Dr. Donald W. Landry, ‘72

M/M Bernard F. Langan, ‘57

M/M Thomas J. Leane, ‘65, P’04

The Estate of Marie Lowe

M/M Joseph A. McBride, ‘36

M/M Thomas P. McGinty, ‘71

M/M Philip F. McGovern, Jr., ‘76, P’11

M/M Paul K. Napoli, ‘63, P’90

The Provident Bank

The State of New Jersey

M/M Hubert J. O’Toole, ‘51

M/M James G. Rizzo, ‘77, P’10
Mr. J. Paul Schaetzle, ‘71

The Estate of Mary Claire Sheridan

M/M Marcel E. Wagner, Jr., ‘56

The Ward Family Fund (M/M John A. Ward, III, ‘63)

M/M Thomas Whelan, H’08

$100,000 – $249,999

M/M William J. Ahearn, ‘75, P’01

Dr. & Mrs. George J. Ambrosio, ’71, P’00,’03,’19

M/M Glenn Annan-Brady, ‘69

Ms. Rossella Luppi-Aquila & Dr. Ralph Aquila, ’75, P’06,’11

M/M Armen Avanessians

Bank of America

The Estate of Richard C. Barry, ‘63

M/M George T. Beck, ‘51

Mr. Peter Behan, ‘49

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Bier, ‘58

M/M Lawrence Bovich, P’09,’11,’15

M/M Matthew P. Boylan, ‘50

The Brooklyn Prep Fund

M/M Edward J. Burke, ‘58

Dr. Vincent P. Butler, Jr., ‘45

Dr. Robert M. Carducci, ‘54

M/M Joseph J. Carr, ‘61

Mrs. Diane M. Casazza, P’95, ‘97

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Caulfield, ’46, P’73

Mr. Alec F. Clerihew, ’57 ­*

The Estate of Robert C. Cobban, ‘55

M/M William H. Connolly, Jr., ‘65

M/M Joseph M. Cooney, ‘45, P’68, ’76, GP’15

M/M William J. Cozine, ‘55

Dr. John J. Cunningham, ‘26

The Crew Parents Association, Inc.

M/M Michael J. DeMarco, ‘77

M/M Douglas DeMartin, P’15

Mr. Robert W. Dempsey, ’62

M/M Vincent B. DiDomenico, Jr., ‘84

M/M Sam C. DiFeo, ‘32, P’63,’66

M/M Sam X. DiFeo, ‘66

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Dow, ’59 *

M/M Patrick J. Downes, ‘57

The Estate of Edwin C. Eastwood, ‘47

Ms. Angela Chang & Mr. John C. Elliott, ‘62

M/M Dennis J. Enright, ‘66, P’92

Ms. Margaret Conway & Mr. Bart Erbach, ‘74

The Estate of James Escude, ‘39

M/M John J. Finn, P’81,’82,’85,’87,’94

M/M Joseph M. Fitzpatrick, ‘42

Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto

M/M Thomas M. Flaherty, ‘46

Frenkel and Company

The Estate of Anthony J. Giordano

M/M Richard F. Gronda, ‘59, P’86,’89,’90

Dr. Madeline R. Romeu & Mr. George P. Gurdak, ‘70, P’03

M/M Bernard M. Hartnett, Jr., ‘47, P’78

The Charles Hayden Foundation

M/M Francis J. Heffron, ‘49

M/M John J. Hennessy, ‘56

The Estate of Elizabeth H. Henson

M/M Kazimierz J. Herchold, ’64

Dr. Denis I. Howe, ‘61

The County of Hudson

The City of Jersey City

Mr. Vincent Jordan, ‘26

M/M John F. Kelly, P’04

M/M Jeffrey Kellner, ’85, P’13,’15,’19

M/M Edward F. Kosnik, ‘62

Ms. Marcia Durso & Mr. John Kozarich, ’67

Mr. Thomas J. Lally, ‘73

Mrs. Gertrude T. Mahon

M/M Edward J. Mahoney, ‘48

M/M Michael C. Mauer, P’14

M/M Allan M. McCarthy, ‘58

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick J. McGovern, Jr., ’68, P’99,’05

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Middleton, ‘62

M/M Joseph P. Monteleone, P’98,’02

M/M James G. Mortenson, ‘71

M/M W. C. Mortenson, Jr., ’64

The Estate of Mary Margaret Murray

M/M Joseph M. Petri, ‘71

Mr. Victor J. Paparazzo, ’78

M/M Robert C. Pollock, ’57

M/M Edward D. Riedlinger, ’67

M/M Edward F. Reid, ‘55

M/M Joseph P. Russoniello, ‘59

The Estate of Joseph F.X. Saunders

The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children

The Frederick J. Snyder, Jr. Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. Leo J. Spaccavento, ’69

The Seth Sprague Foundation

The Starr Foundation

M/M William J. Stoutenburgh, ‘51

M/M William J. Sweeney, P’04, ‘06, ‘09

Mr. Charles Vickers, ‘40

M/M Brendan J. Ward, P’06,’08

M/M Kevin J. Ward, ‘66

M/M John A. Wickens, ‘52

The Estate of Margaret R. Williams