Dear Alumni and Friends of Prep,

Jesuit education transformed me. I remember my time as a freshman at Prep. With no sense of direction, habitual procrastination, and an apathetic attitude, I constantly looked for the easy way out. By the end of my freshman year, I had average grades, was cut from Prep’s swimming and diving team, and had also undergone a month long in-school suspension. My family never gave up on Prep, and Prep never gave up on me. Through various discussions with faculty and staff, and the opportunity to experience and lead Campus Ministry retreats, I was constantly reminded of my potential and the results I could reach. I gave every effort to make things right in the classroom, at the pool, and at home. The change was necessary and the results exceeded what I hoped for. On a number of occasions, Prep recognized me; not for the things I did, but for the transformation I made.

Prep’s impact on my life led me to continue undergoing Jesuit education at Saint Peter’s University. Prep taught me the values of being open to growth and seeking the magis. To me, magis (Latin for “more” or “greater”) can be a blend of seeking to do more for others while also aspiring to accomplish more for yourself. I picked up where I left off at Prep and focused on doing well in my college courses while making a strong, positive impact at the University. I participated in various local and global service opportunities, and maintained a number of leadership and executive positions within the college community. This prepared me to face “the real world”, where I used my talents and skills in business management, customer service, and relationship building. Fast forward to today, and I’ve found my way back home where the journey all started.

Jesuit education transformed me from a student in high school, to a student leader in college, and finally a leader among friends, family, and coworkers. It’s a privilege and a blessing to take the lessons I’ve learned and apply them in my role as Director of Alumni Relations. Like most, if not all, who cross the stage at graduation, I felt on top of the world and grateful for all Prep had taught me. Our hope, in the Advancement department, is to reignite that feeling of gratitude and love for Prep in each alumnus. Our alumni network is massive and impressive. It’s comprised of countless leaders whose journeys, like mine, started at Grand and Warren. Whether it’s JUG Night, a milestone reunion, or the opportunity to serve as your Class Chair, I hope you strongly consider the chance to revisit Prep, see how much we continue to grow, share the memories of your journey, and urge your Prep family to do the same. Together, our alumni network can seek the magis for our home, Saint Peter’s Prep.

Sub Umbra Petri,

Mike Murcia, ’08
Director of Alumni Relations