Below is the student absence policy as outlined in the Prep handbook:

Attendance and punctuality are considered important aspects of student growth and education at Prep. Individual records will be closely monitored by the Dean of Students’ Office and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In cases involving excessive or patterned absence, intervention will likely occur and a student may be asked to withdraw from Prep. After any absence, it is the student’s responsibility to make up assignments and tests that have been missed.

Parents/guardians must use the School Pass app no later than 8:10 AM each day a student will be absent and explain the reason for the absence. If necessary, a parent can send an email to to report a student’s absence. Students are not permitted to report their own absences; any violation of this rule will result in severe disciplinary consequences.

In PowerSchool, absences will be recorded with either of the following designations:

  • A (Absent) – describes all usual reasons for student absence (e.g. sickness, family vacation, etc.)
  • AE (Absent Excused) – would normally include Prep-related activities (e.g. retreats) and family funerals or significant emergencies. Only the Dean of Students may classify an absence excused. This designation of absence will not count against a student’s record of attendance.