Prep Day is an opportunity for alternative educational/recreational activities which could not otherwise take place within the daily schedule. Off-campus learning experiences outside the normal routine are encouraged. Prep Day is mandatory for all juniors. Freshmen will be involved in Arts Day programming, sophomores will be participating in various trips organized by our History Department and seniors will have the day off.

This year, Prep Day will take place on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. Prep Day activities occur at different times and vary in cost. The list of events is posted below. During the week of April 1 – 5, students may bring in the signed permission slip (see link below) along with any necessary money to the teacher organizing the event in order to reserve a spot.  Sign-ups operate on a first come, first served basis, and they can fill up quickly.  A student is not guaranteed a spot until he has submitted his permission slip and any necessary money to the appropriate faculty member.   

All juniors must sign up for an event.   If a student neglects to sign up for a Prep Day activity, he must still come to school on April 10 at 8 a.m., and an activity will be chosen for him.
Please contact Mr. Anthony Locricchio, Dean of Student Life, at or (201) 547-6487 with any questions. 

Please click here to print the Prep Day 2019 Permission Slip

Tuesday Night Events – April 9

Rock Climb in Hoboken

Come learn how to bolder and rock climb at The Gravity Vault. Leaving Prep at 6:30p, returning at 9p.

Cost: $35 Register with: Mr. Morrissey Can accommodate: 20 students

Be More Chill!

Jeremy Heere is just an average teenager. That is, until he finds out about “The Squip” – a tiny supercomputer that promises to bring him everything he desires most: a date with Christine, an invite to the raddest party of the year and a chance to survive life in his suburban New Jersey high school. But is being the most popular guy in school worth the risk? BE MORE CHILL is based on the novel by Ned Vizzini. Leave Prep at 5p. Return by 10:30p.

Cost: $60 Register with: Mr. Comey Can accommodate: 23 students

Wednesday Events – April 10

REEL SCIENCE             

Experience science through popular culture.  Join Mr. Riley and Mr. Trotta as you experience science by looking through the lens of popular culture while eating a Milano’s sub.

Cost: ~ $10     Register with: Mr. Trotta     Can accommodate:20 students.

Prep Soccer Club Tournament

     FIFA tournament in the style of a round robin home and home, then knockout stage. 6 groups of 4, randomly populated. 10a – 2:30p. Learn how FIFA stage tournaments REALLY work!

Cost – Just money for lunch   Register with – Mr. Coccaro   Can accommodate – 24 students

Hudson Yards

A trip to NYC’s newest “template for future cities” or “dystopian playground?” Enjoy a walk through two entirely reimagined and designed parts of the West Side of Manhattan: The Meatpacking District and Hudson Yards.  We will take the PATH to 9th Street and walk the High Line until the newly opened Hudson Yards; described by their developers as “the cultural center of Manhattan’s New West Side… this new neighborhood has not only changed the way New York looks to the world, but the way the world sees New York.”  Come join this expedition as we judge first-hand this bold statement in contrast to some of the early, disapproving critique it has received.

Cost: PATH + lunch Register with: Mr Powers Can accommodate: 20 students


Students will watch “Brooklyn Castle,” a documentary that tells the story of five members of a chess team representing a junior high school below-the-poverty line in Brooklyn. Pizza and a friendly chess tournament will follow (prizes to be determined).

Cost: ~$10 Register with: Mr. Fiorella Can accommodate: 20 students

Personal Finance Workshop

We will view Default: The Student Loan Documentary, and then work on different activities to learn about credit scores, employee benefits, and investing.  At Prep from 9am to 12:30pm Bring Lunch.

Cost: FREE! Register with: Mr. Quinn Can accommodate: 22 students

Fordham and Friends!

Friends of Fr. Azarto, Future Rams and Foodies…… join us (Fletcher & LaBruno) on a day trip to Fordham University and the Bronx.  We will leave Prep and take the Path to the F/M train , then walk down 42nd to Grand Central and then catch the Metro to Fordham Rose Hill.  While at Fordham University we will take a brief tour of the Rose Hill Campus, meet with a professor in the Theology Department and visit with Father Azzarto.  Then it’s over to Arthur Ave where we will have some free time to get lunch and take in the sights and smells. Plan on leaving Prep at 9am and Returning by 3:00.

Cost: Transit Fares and money for food Register with: Mr. Fletcher Can accommodate: 10 students

Math Movie Day

We will be showing Hidden Figures (the story of 3 African American women working at NASA) and, time permitting, A Beautiful Mind (the oscar winning story of John Nash)

Cost: FREE! Bring money for lunch           Register with: Ms. Glazer                     Can accommodate:15 students.

Health and Fitness Bootcamp

       Engage in day filled with exercise and health instruction. The day will also include a walk to a local eatery for lunch and a presentation from our Head Athletic Trainer, Joe Lisella. Please be sure to bring athletic clothing and footwear (sneakers) in order to participate in this Prep Day Event. The day will start at 9:00 a.m. and run through 1:00 p.m.

Begins at 9 a.m., ends at 1 p.m

Cost: Approximately $10 for lunch              Register with: Mr. Que (Gym)                     

Can accommodate: 30 students