Mr. John Morris
Dean of Students

Mr. Anthony Locricchio
Dean of Student Life

Dear Friends of Prep:

Graduates and their families often tell us that it is not just Saint Peter’s Prep’s commitment to academics, but also the strength of our school community that lead them to make the decision to attend Prep.

Those of us in the Office of Student Life are among the first faces students see when they arrive at Prep and some of the last that see them off as graduating seniors. Our many generous colleagues assist us in planning welcome programming for freshmen, including IgNite and Freshman Orientation, as well as closing ceremonies and other opportunities for seniors that give them time to pause and appreciate the many blessings they receive here at Grand and Warren.

Our office interacts with students in countless other ways between those two important chapters. We organize co-curricular activities and student programming, advocate on behalf of students, oversee various student services including the nurse’s office and transportation issues, and are responsible for ensuring the good behavior of students. Our goal, in concert with the school’s faculty and staff, is to help students reflect on who they are and assist them in charting a course toward who they want to be.

We work to be student-centered; that is, to be available to our students and their parents as mentors and guides. We hope to animate an environment where students can be themselves and achieve their potential in a way that is true to our Jesuit ideals.

Please let us know if we can ever be of any help on your journey through Saint Peter’s Prep. You can find contact information for any member of the Student Life office here. 

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam,

Mr. Anthony D. Locricchio, ’96
Dean of Student Life 
Mr. John Morris
Dean of Students