The ordinary penalty for violations of good order, student responsibility and school regulations is JUG, derived from the Latin sub jugum, meaning “under a burden.” Students may be recommended for JUG by any member of the faculty, staff or administration; students must be clearly informed that JUG is being recommended to the Dean of Students.


A student must attend JUG Review on the same day he was awarded JUG for any infraction; failure to attend will result in the issuance of two or more additional JUGs to the student. While at JUG Review, the Dean or Assistant Dean of Students will determine and record on the student’s disciplinary record the number of nature of JUGs awarded.  The student remains at JUG Review until dismissed.


If a student accumulates seven (7) JUGs, he must serve a JUG Detention. JUG Detention takes place on specified Saturday mornings and lasts from 9:00AM until 12:00PM. Failure to attend JUG Detention once it has been reached will be considered a most serious offense, one in which the student places himself in poor disciplinary standing. Likely penalties for not serving detention once assigned may include but are not limited to the issuance of an additional JUG detention, parental conference, and Disciplinary Probation.

How JUG Ends

A student who owes JUG Detention(s) on the last day of school MUST arrange with the Dean of Students how he will meet his responsibilities regarding JUG. Final report cards, transcripts, and diplomas will not be issued to any student who has not completed his responsibilities to Saint Peter’s Prep.  Furthermore, no senior can owe JUG Detention and participate in the graduation ceremony. No underclassman can return to Prep in September if he owes JUG Detention. All questions regarding JUG should be addressed to the Dean of Students. Students are responsible for knowing their JUG status and, thus, should always ask questions when having them.