All minors under the age of 18 who work in New Jersey must have an employment certificate, also known as “working papers,” or a special permit (for agriculture, newspaper carrier, or theatrical employment). Prep students in need of working papers for employment in New Jersey should complete the following steps. If the job is located outside New Jersey, you will need to complete the appropriate procedure for the state where the job is located.

1. Download the official Form A300 from the New Jersey Department of Labor.

Please note: forms cannot be accepted if there are any cross-outs. Please start with a new copy of the form if any corrections are necessary.

2. Have a parent or guardian complete Section A.

The parent or guardian should not sign until after Section B is completed.

3. Have the employer complete and sign Section B.

4. Have the student’s physician complete Section C. This section can also be completed by Ms. Maureen Sheppard, Prep’s school nurse.

If you have the form completed by a physician’s office, please ensure the form is stamped with the full address of the practice.

5. Have Section E completed by the Principal’s Office.

6. Have Sections D and F completed by the Issuing Officer for your local school district, or at Prep.

The Issuing Officer for your school district can usually be found at your local high school. If your local school district is unable to process the form, Ms. Katie Albers at the reception desk can complete these sections. Please bring proper ID, as described on the form.

During the school year, Ms. Sheppard in the Nurse’s Office, Ms. Albers at the Reception Desk, and Ms. Grace Gualario in the Principal’s Office are available during the school day to assist with completing their respective sections of the form. During the summer, Prep generally recommends calling 201-547-6400 before coming to campus to confirm their availability.