At Saint Peter’s Prep, we are committed to working to ensure the health and safety of all of our students. In light of recent increased awareness about concussions among high school students, we provide the following information and resources for the entire community.

Click here to view Prep Concussion Management Policy

In November 2013, an open meeting of the Prep Parents Association’s was dedicated to the topic of concussions. The presenters were Mr. Kyle Kutsup, Prep’s athletic trainer, Dr. Orlando Gonzalez, Prep’s supervising physician for athletics and Ms. Maureen Sheppard, Prep’s school nurse.

Below you will find Mr. Kutsup’s presentation on Prep’s policies and procedures when a student is suspected of suffering a concussion during an athletic event.

The links below will allow you to access further information about concussions in young people and advice on treatment and care.