What is your favorite Prep memory?

My Emmaus and Kairos Retreats (March 2007 & February 2008)

Why do you choose to work at Prep?

Since 2004, Prep has been my home away from home. The lessons, memories, and friendships I made here have impacted me in such remarkable ways. Simply put, my four years at Prep helped mold me into the person I am today. I have applied so much of what I learned in high school to my daily experiences and interactions in college, at home, at work, and beyond. To be able to come back to Prep, roam the hallways that hold limitless memories, and give back to the institution that gave me so much, it’s a true blessing.

What makes Prep different from other schools?

Our school offers so much to help each student nurture their personal development. From rigorous courses, to community service opportunities, spiritual and personal reflections, and dedicated faculty and staff, each student is granted the resources to learn more about themselves, to challenge themselves, and to grow as young men.

Why would you tell an 8th grader to enroll at Prep?

Prep is a place that will leave a mark in your life that will last beyond your four years here. When alumni and families say, “Prep for Life”, there’s a reason. Our alumni have built a strong connection to this school that keeps them engaged and coming back.

Mike Murcia, ’08 is Prep’s Director of Alumni Relations, and the moderator for Marauder Nation.