The Modern Language Department’s objective is for students to reach proficiency at the end of his two year studies of the language. Classroom instruction is communicative with a focus on project-based assessments.

Classical Language Courses

All students are required to study classical Latin for one year; Ignatian and Sheehan Scholars will take a second year of Latin. All students showing proficiency and a desire to pursue Latin studies may continue their studies. The Latin program approaches the language through analysis of grammar, linguistics, and Roman culture and civilization in general. The grammatical deconstruction of Latin and the inevitable gains in knowledge of English grammar are vital to the program, as is the ability to translate and comprehend texts accurately. For those students demonstrating mastery of and interest in Latin, Ancient Greek is offered as an honors-level elective for seniors. The Greek course is designed to develop reading skills and cultural literacy.

Modern Language Courses

Students are required to take two consecutive years of a foreign language beginning in sophomore year. Although a third year is not a requirement, the department strongly recommends that students consider studying a modern language in senior year. High-achievers are also encouraged to consider the simultaneous study of two languages. Students may choose to study French, German, Italian, or Spanish. Questions regarding language requirements or expectations should be directed to any of the language teachers.

The department takes pride in the global and academic opportunities that are offered to students. Our language teachers are also responsible in the coordination of exchange programs, cultural clubs and events. All languages participate in the national examination contest as well as membership of their respective honor society.

Placement tests in all languages are given to rising sophomores, and to transfer students who have had prior study or exposure to the language.

Multiple levels of Mandarin are offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors as an elective course. Mandarin may not be used to satisfy the two-year modern language requirement.



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Updated September 2022

Department chair phone: 201-547-2372

Tutoring Sessions

Please contact your language teacher if you would like to schedule a tutoring session with a member of the following Modern Languages Honor Societies:

  • Societe Honoraire de Francais
  • Delta Epsilon Phi
  • Società Onoraria Italica
  • Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica