Information for the 2022-23 Academic Year

Contents: Tuition | Fees | Divorce PolicyPayment Plans | Financial Aid | Outstanding Balances


Tuition & Fees Guidelines for the 2022-23 Academic Year: Download PDF

Contact: (for the fastest response) or 201-547-6492


Tuition: Tuition for the 2022-23 academic year is $21,311. The lion’s share of our tuition goes directly to pay salaries and health benefits of our faculty and staff, and to programs that directly impact the quality of our student experience. Tuition only covers about 80% of the full cost to educate our students – alumni and other donors to Prep subsidize several thousand dollars of the cost of educating every Prep student. Over the past five years, tuition increases at Prep have generally been in the single digits, averaging around 6.5%.

Fees: The mandatory annual fees, which are not included in tuition for the academic year, are due in full on June 1st. These fees are an activity fee of $750, a book fee of $300, and a technology fee of $250. Over the past few years, we have eliminated extraneous fees, such as the Freshman Arts Day fee, the Frosh-Soph Retreats, etc. The only other charges are for “opt-in” experiences. Examples of these are trips, music lessons, AP exams, SAT preparation, the Browning Center, etc. We do not have mandatory raffles or other sales that place fundraising demands and requirements on our parents. In addition, we do not have a pay-to-play system for athletics, which can become very expensive for our families. We do not charge for transportation for sports (athletes or fans), or include other athletic fees. We do not have graduation fees. Finally, we have eliminated fees related to our (optional) Emmaus and Kairos retreats with the exception of a small reservation charge.

Divorce Policy: The Finance office does not need any documentation if a divorced couple will be sharing one bill through FACTS and determining each person’s financial responsibility between each other; or if only one parent will take sole responsibility to pay the tuition and fees. However, if you are a separated/divorced couple that wishes to receive separate bills through FACTS, you must each submit a signed Tuition Contract along with a copy of the Court Order/Divorce Decree so we can determine the percentage of charges due for each responsible party. If you do not have a Court Order/Divorce Decree Prep assigns equal responsibility to each party for tuition/fee charges. Also, you must each enroll with FACTS and create your own User ID and password, and choose your own payment plan.

Financial Aid: In 2022-23, Saint Peter’s Prep will offer need based financial aid to approximately 30% of our students, representing over $2.5 million. While we cannot meet every request for financial assistance, Prep has committed this significant portion of its budget to helping deserving students and their families. In order to receive financial aid notification in time for Registration Day, financial aid applications for the Class of 2026 must be submitted by November 30, 2021. For returning students (including the Class of 2025), all financial aid applications must be submitted annually by April 15th of each year. To learn more about the financial aid process, please go to the Financial Aid page .

Payments: The Finance Office has contracted FACTS Management Company (FACTS) to provide tuition billing and collection services through an online portal. It is mandatory that every family be enrolled in the FACTS system.

Families who are registered with FACTS and have already created their ID and Password, click here to sign in.

Incoming freshman and transfer students will be prompted to register for a FACTS account during the registration process.

Once your account is finalized and active, you can view your tuition bills, make a payment, and choose a payment plan, schedule automatic payments or invoice billing.

Payment Plans: Annual mandatory fees are separate from tuition and due on June 1st. Tuition payments start July 1st for all plans.

Payments are determined after all scholarships and tuition assistance has been deducted. If you wish to change your plan, please contact the Finance Office.

The following tuition plans are available:

  • Full Payment: Due July 1st. (no service fee)
  • Semi-Annual Plan: One half of the total balance is due July 1st and the other half on December 1st. ($50 service fee will be combined with tuition)
  • Eleven Month Plan: Monthly payments are due July 1st through May 1st. ($100 service fee will be combined with tuition)

Payment Methods Offered:  We encourage all families to make their payments directly through FACTS. Options for payments include credit cards, ACH/bank draft, or check by mail. Automatic deduction is also available for accounts set up with a credit card or bank account. FACTS accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. A 2.95% convenience fee will be charged by FACTS for any payments made by credit card. If you wish to make a payment over the phone or have any questions, please contact FACTS Customer Service at 866-441-4637. The Finance Office will only accept bank checks, money orders, or cash at the school window.

Payments are determined after all tuition assistance has been deducted.

Outstanding Balances: Outstanding balances cannot be carried from month-to-month. Tuition balances should be kept current at all times. Students will not be admitted to classes or be able to participate in activities if outstanding balances exist before the start of school in September, at the end of each semester, or prior to final exams.  Participation in graduation exercises is also included in this policy. Please communicate any hardships to the Finance Office so that we may assist you in extending deadlines or rearranging payments if possible.