A Jesuit school provides programs and services aligned with the mission to enhance the educational program and exercise care for each individual (cura personalis) as a whole person (body, soul, and mind). – Jesuit Schools Network

Central to Prep’s identity as a Jesuit school is a commitment to cura personalis,or care for the individual as a whole person. While academic excellence is an essential outcome of a Prep education, it is only one part of the overall growth we seek to promote in each student. In the classroom and beyond, students are challenged to become their best selves intellectually as well as socially, spiritually, and personally. Whether it is a guidance counselor advising on college selection, a teacher extending extra help, or a staff member coordinating a fashion show to raise funds, all staff members are very much aware that the many activities of the school are ultimately focused on the care and well-being of our students.

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