Rising seniors Eli Anderson, Arjun Dhawan, Benedict Marra, Tarran Mohan, and Maurice Williams (pictured above with two new friends) as well as classmate Evan Briggs—who traveled separately due to a scheduling conflict—experienced a two-week intensive French-language immersion program this summer at the Institut de Touraine in Tours, France. This is an internationally-acclaimed program that draws students from all over the world and is certified by the French Ministry of Education.

“Some of my students were looking for opportunities to travel to France this summer in order to better their language skills and to experience the French culture firsthand that they had learned in my class,” explained Mr. Rémi Pastorek of the World Languages department, who also directs the Ignatian Scholars Program. “I met with them a few times and discussed a few options…The Institut de Touraine proved to be the best option for them because of its international recognition and testimonials from participants.”

The students and their families arranged for their participation in the program with some guidance from Mr. Pastorek, who added, “I’m thrilled to see students take what they’ve learned in class and use it authentically in a real-world context.  My goal is to ‘light a fire’ in all of our students and develop in them a love of French and the mindset that learning is life-long and relevant to their own lives.”

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