Prep celebrated the Feast of All Saints this week, gathering for Mass in the gym (with the junior class joining from O’Keefe Commons via live stream). Fr. Adam Rosinski, S.J., a vocation promoter for the USA East Province of the Society of Jesus, joined as a guest celebrant.

In his homily, Fr. Rosinski recalled his experience as a spectator at the Boston Marathon during his Jesuit formation—seeing hundreds of thousands of spectators line the course in support of tens of thousands of runners, cheering them toward the finish even if they had never met (and would never meet) face to face, and showing support for an endeavor still in progress rather than celebrating one already accomplished. It was, he said, “the closest I think I’ll ever get in this life to glimpsing the Communion of Saints.”

After Mass, Prep President Michael Gomez, Ed.D., ’91 shared a reflection on Prep’s motto, Sub Umbra Petri, and the passage from the Acts of the Apostles that inspired it. In Acts chapter 3, it is noted that the early Christians brought the sick out into the streets as Peter approached, in hopes that at least his shadow would pass over them.

People did this for healing, but really they just wanted to be in Peter’s presence,” Dr. Gomez said.
They felt inspired, they felt safe, they felt protected, even if they only interacted with him indirectly, just the touch of his shadow. Now we’re supposed to believe that Prep is under the shadow of Peter. But how does that come to life?[…] In my heart, in my belief, Sub Umbra Petri comes to life through you, through the students and faculty and staff of Saint Peter’s Prep. We are the visible evidence of Peter’s invisible shadow.

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