As part of Prep’s sesquicentennial celebration, we’ll be polling Prep alumni throughout the school year to compile your favorites in various areas of school life. Read on for the results of our Favorite Jesuits poll, plus the question for our next poll!

Question 1 results

We asked participants to name their two favorite Jesuit priests or brothers from Grand & Warren, and the results were, well…perhaps not all that surprising. Per poll organizer John Irvine, ’83, P’11:

Almost 200 alums and friends of Prep participated in our first poll.  Thanks for playing!  As testament to our appreciation for and love of our Jesuits, over 70 Jesuit priests and brothers were mentioned.  Our friend Saint Ignatius also garnered some votes, as did Ken Dandorph (not a Jesuit!). 

Your top ten, in order:

  • Fr. Tony Azzarto, S.J.
  • Fr. John Browning, S.J.
  • Fr. Jim Keenan, S.J.
  • Fr. John Mullin, S.J.
  • Fr. Thomas Murray, S.J. and Fr. Francis Shalloe, S.J. (tie)
  • Fr. Raymond York, S.J.
  • Br. Paul Harrison, S.J., Father Joseph Novak, S.J., and Fr. Bob Reiser, S.J. (tie)
  • Fr. James Foley, S.J., Fr. Harry Oppido, S.J., Br. Joseph Wuss, S.J. (tie)
  • Fr. Peter Hess, S.J. and Fr. Edward Snyder, S.J. (tie)
  • Fr. Ray Balduf, S.J., Fr. Mike Hoag, S.J., Fr. James Joyce, S.J., Fr. Fred Pellegrini, S.J., and Fr. Rico Raulli, S.J. (tie)

Question 2 poll

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