On Wednesday, Mr. Russell Fiorella’s sophomore religion students concluded a year-long partnership with students from Clara Fey Gymnasium in Schleiden, Germany. This partnership is just one of the ways in which Prep’s links with partner schools around the world have remained strong even with student groups unable to visit in person.

After introducing themselves in September, students sustained conversations related to current events and content from their respective Theology classes throughout the school year. During the second semester, teams were formed to conduct research on a social problem of interest focused around one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In light of their research, teams proposed creative and practical solutions that integrated Gospel values. 

One of the highlights of yesterday’s reflection was the question of whether students felt like they built a friendship with their international peers. Isaiah Simpson, ’23 said:

“Yes I do. Having talked to someone as much as we had to and doing an entire project with them, it feels like you’d have no choice but to build a friendship in these circumstances!  Being overseas, with covid-19 and all the other issues that went on this year, it was a good chance to bond and have something in common that both groups were going through.”

Isaiah’s gratitude for the opportunity to learn from and with others across borders was felt among members from both schools. Mr. Fiorella extended his thanks to thank his colleague, Herr Marcel Meyer, and students from Clara Fey and Prep for their enthusiasm, good work, and bravery participating in this unique intercultural learning experience.

Herr Meyer, who also accompanied the last group of CFG students to visit Prep in 2019, offered a similar assessment. “Working with Russ has been a real pleasure,” he said. “I think our kids had many moments of true learning because of our collaboration.”

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