It’s no secret that Prep is like a second family to many students and alumni, and so much of what happens at Grand & Warren is possible because a similar spirit exists among the faculty and staff. Maintaining that connection while everyone is working from home can be a challenge, but the creativity and dedication of this “Peter’s Team” have certainly risen to the occasion.

A weekly Zoom meeting for all faculty and staff members provides an opportunity to pray together, share practical updates, and, importantly, simply see some friendly faces. (The screenshot above comes from this week’s meeting, featuring an early 1900s impression of how electronic learning might look in the year 2000!) This week’s meeting included presentations by Ms. Erin Stark, Ms. Emily Fencik, and Mr. Alex Canale, ’05 on tools and strategies for making the “virtual classroom” feel more like the actual classroom in terms of student engagement.

Academic and administrative departments and continue to meet regularly online, as do PLCs, all in the name of keeping Prep running efficiently and providing the best possible student experience in our current reality.

A good dose of fun and informal learning has always helped to keep the faculty and staff working together under normal circumstances, and the same has been true during distance-learning. Weekly yoga sessions have continued via Google Hangouts, recipes are being collected for an online Prep cookbook, and opportunities for prayer and contemplation continue to be offered.

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