As part of their ongoing professional development as faculty members, teachers in years 1 through 5 of their Prep careers met on Wednesday for an extended meeting focused on global education. Jim DeAngelo, ‘85, Principal, and Tom Powers, Director of Global Programs, led the group in activities and discussions designed to extend Prep’s classrooms digitally across the globe.

The meeting included a videoconference with Ciara Beuster, Global Citizenship Coordinator for Educate Magis, an online platform that links Jesuit schools around the world. Ciara provided an overview of current projects that have linked schools and shared a few ideas that Prep’s teachers and students might want to expand upon in areas such as environmental awareness and action and large-scale classroom-based activities. 

After the videoconference, the afternoon continued with good conversation and ideas on how to utilize and expand upon the many resources available through Educate Magis. Boreta Singleton, Director of Faculty Formation, was grateful for the spirited participation of all who attended and remarked that this meeting was “one more way our Prep faculty members model an openness to growth that continually renews the Ignatian values upon which our school is based.”

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