On Wednesday, the Class of 2019 returned for one last day on campus before graduation. But before Senior Exit Day began, the Class of 2020 had their turn to celebrate the transition to their own senior year.

Joined by their parents in the Prep courtyard, the juniors began their day with an induction ceremony for the newest members of Prep’s McNally-Sinnott Chapter of the National Honor Society, before moving into the Junior Mass. It was an opportunity to reflect on three years at Grand & Warren, and to look ahead to senior year on the horizon.

Apologizing for the pun three years ago – but repeating it because the question was more salient than ever – Fr. Boller repeated a question from freshman orientation in the fall of 2017: “You are the class of 2020. What is your vision?”

“What is it like now, three years later?” he continued. “What’s your vision for yourself? Who are you to be? What have you learned about yourself in these three years? What is your vision for Prep? What will we be next year? We will turn to you to find out the vision, the tone, the attitude, the spirit that you lead us to. That’s what it means when you’re the seniors, the top of the heap.”

During Mass, the juniors also received medals or class rings, symbols of their lifelong bond to Prep and to the Class of 2020, and another reminder of the responsibility and privilege they will carry into their senior year.

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