Spring at Prep is always a busy time, with final exams and projects to complete, graduation awaiting the seniors, and everyone anticipating a well-deserved rest over the summer. But it always seems to be particularly busy for Prep’s Modern Language department, and this year has been no exception. The induction ceremony for the language honor societies, the results of the national language competitions, and an exciting study abroad opportunity for some soon-to-be-graduates give the department and its students plenty of reason to celebrate!

Congratulations to High Scorers on National Exams!

Modern language students took the competitive national examinations for their respective languages this spring. Congratulations to the students listed below on attaining recognition for with their high scores! Problems reading the list? A full-screen view is available here.

Upperclassmen inducted to Language Honor Societies

During a ceremony this spring, parents, teachers, and classmates had the opportunity to celebrate students who had earned a place in the national honor societies for their respective languages. Congratulations to the inductees listed below!

Société Honoraire
de Français
National French
Honor Society
Deutsche Ehrenverbindung
National German
Honor Society

Società Onoraria
National Italian
Honor Society
Bryan Barahona
Daniel Cao
Connor Chapman
Youness Cheboubi
Aidan Christman
Gabriel Clément
George Flanagan
Luqman Gbadamassi
Alexander Gray
Alexander Gudaitis
Daniel Hagan
Samuel Leonte
Michael Novicio
Benjamin Norris
Cody Ross
Gabriel Joachim Santiago
Matthew Schreier
Jason Tarantino
Nicholas Brady
Kevin Diaz
Sean Emmert
Tyler Krauth
Pavol Spiska
Alexander Wasden
Liam Concannon
Aidan Doherty
Adrian Dookie
Ryder Klein
Maciej Kowalczyk
Ethan MacMillan
James Ryan
Andrew Schmutter
Shepard Swift
Zubin Sood

Christopher Cerbone
Michael Charas
Joseph DeMarco
Joseph Doody
Jan Egan
Anthony Ionta
Joseph Mastandrea
David Mezzina
Luke Morrison
Jake Nowak
Nicholas Paolini
Salvatore Russo

Sociedad Honoraria
National Spanish
Honor Society
Christopher Anderson
Mark Apadeer
Suvan Bhat
Adam Botti
Thomas Christo
Matthew Cugliari
Michael Farrell
Brendan Finerty
George Garcia
Timothy García
Cameron Garlin
Samuel Gilhawley
Tyler Greene
Cade Harkins
James Henry
Eduardo Hernandez
Salvatore Imbornone
Mathew Jasinski
Matthew LaMalfa
Colin Lemke
Steven Makino
Jordan McPhee
Brian Mikovits
Xavier Morales
Matthew Moreira
Daniel Onorato
Raymond Ortiz Jr.
Tyler Parrado
John Petrosino Jr.
Colin Plunkett
Jay Post
Jacob Quinones
Liam Regan
Michael Ribeiro
Jack Riley
Alejandro Schnettler
Luis Tolentino
Brady Truppner
Michael Uy
Nicholas Uy
Declan Weeda
Thomas Pelliccio
Cody Simon
Peter Vasquez
Joseph Vuolo
Christian Yanez

Italian students receive scholarship to study in Pisa, Italy in July 2019

Seniors, Garrett Gualtieri and Ryan Emma were honored at an awards ceremony on Friday, May 3rd at the Italian Consulate in New York City.  They are recipients of the Programma Ponte Scholarship sponsored by the Association of Italian American Educators and will be studying for two weeks in Pisa, Italy this summer with eight other Italian students from the tri-state area.  Garrett and Ryan applied to the program after it was introduced to them by the president of the association, Cav. Josephine Maietta who was present at this year’s Italian Culture and Language Day at Montclair University when Prep, including Garrett and Ryan, took home first place trophy.

Included in the photo with Garrett (left) and Ryan (right) are the other recipients and Cav Josephine Maietta standing next to Mrs. Matilda Raffa Cuomo, wife of the late Governor Mario Cuomo.  For many years, Mrs. Cuomo has been an advocate in promoting the Italian language in the U.S.

Fellow senior Anthony D’Angelico was also offered a scholarship, but was unable to accept due to prior commitments during the summer.

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