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Prep Day 2017

Prep Day is an opportunity for alternative educational/recreational activities which could not otherwise take place within the daily schedule. Off-campus learning experiences outside the normal routine are encouraged. Prep Day is mandatory for sophomores and juniors. Freshmen will be involved in Arts Day programming and seniors will have the day off.

This year, Prep Day will take place on Wednesday, April 5, 2017. Prep Day activities occur at different times and vary in cost. The list of events is posted below.   During the week of March 27- April 3, students may bring in the signed permission slip (see link below) along with any necessary money to the teacher organizing the event in order to reserve a spot.  Sign-ups operate on a first come, first served basis, and they can fill up quickly.  A student is not guaranteed a spot until he has submitted his permission slip and any necessary money to the appropriate faculty member.   

Please note that some events occur after school on Tuesday evening, April 4.  Students participating in those events do not need to come into Prep on Wednesday, April 5.   All sophomores and juniors must sign up for an event.   If a student neglects to sign up for a Prep Day activity, he must still come to school on April 5 at 8 a.m., and an activity will be chosen for him.
Please contact Mr. Anthony Locricchio, Dean of Student Life, at or (201) 547-6487 with any questions. 



Art and Performance


“A Bronx Tale"

A boy becomes a young man caught between two influences: A father who is Everyman and a Wiseguy who embodies the success, power and position of being the neighborhood Wiseguy. A Bronx Tale is a musical drama that challenges many of the social barriers of the day.


TUESDAY NIGHT, APRIL 4 EVENT! – Leaves Prep at 4:00 p.m., returns by 10:00 p.m.

Cost: $64, plus money for Dinner    Register with: Dr. Scibilia  Can accommodate: 15 students





College Essay Writing Workshop with Stevens


     Essay writing workshop with Ms. Jackie Williams, Dean of Undergraduate Admission at Stevens Institute of Technology. She will share thoughts and tips on how to write a great college essay. Students can work on their college essay while hearing from one of the region's most competitive universities. Students will need their Chromebooks. 9am - 12p.


       Cost: FREE           Register with: Mrs. Morrissette         Can accomodate: 20 students


SUNY FIT Museum and Tour

              Come with us as we explore the museum at FIT and meet with Mr. Eric Jimenez, Department Chair, to learn more about what FIT has to offer. Please, no boots or sweats!        9a - 3p.                                                        


Cost: Money for lunch and PATH to NYC.       Register with: Ms Dallam      Can accommodate: 15 students




Common Interests 

 Life Skills Workshop

              Before striking out into the world on your own, come and learn some practical skills. Routine car maintenance, doing your own finances, living with a college roommate, etc. 9am to 12:30pm.

         Cost: ~ $15                     Register with: Mr. Trotta                      Can accommodate:20 students.


Wall Street

    What does "insider trading" mean? Find out this, and much more, about the backbone of our country's financial industry, the Stock Market. Included will be a showing and discussion of "Wall Street" starring Michael Douglas. 10a - 2p

     Cost: FREE! Bring lunch.         Register with: Ms. Glazer                  Can accommodate: 15 students


Toast to an Adventure!

First, we will have brunch at “Toast” in Montclair. Then, we head on over to Adventure Rooms! You and your teammates will find yourselves in an unfamiliar environment. Your team will rely on the cumulative knowledge, experience, and "street smarts" to work out a plan to solve your way out. You will work together to gather objects, find clues, decipher codes, open locks and solve puzzles to find the key that will lead you to freedom. 

Cost:  $65                                       Register with: Mr. Innis                          Can accommodate: 25 students


Yogi Berra Museum

    Leave Prep at 9:00am to Montclair, NJ. Return to Prep by 2pm.

       Cost: $10 (feel free to bring snacks!)         Register with: Fr. Azzarto         Can accommodate: 20 students


Liberty Science Center

     Explore the Liberty Science Center with your friends! The trip will include free time in the museum, admission to the MythBusters exhibit, time for lunch, and tickets to the "Extreme Weather IMAX". 8:30a - 3p.

     Cost:  $23.00 plus light rail and lunch   Register with: Mr. Campbell             Can accommodate: 20 students


Visit to Vanity Fair editorial offices


If you are interested in Journalism, digital media, or modern architecture, this Prep Day activity is for you. Prep alumnus, Michael Hogan, '91 is the digital director of, the online presence of Vanity Fair magazine, one of the nation's leading publications of current affairs, fashion and popular culture. We will visit with Mr. Hogan at their headquarters in 1 World Trade (The Freedom Tower) in lower Manhattan. 8:30a - 12p.

     Cost:  $12 for transportation          Register with: Mr. DeAngelo                 Can accommodate: 12 students


Prep Soccer Club Tournament

     FIFA tournament in the style of a round robin home and home, then knockout stage. 6 groups of 4, randomly populated. 10a - 2:30p. Learn how FIFA stage tournaments REALLY work!


  Cost - Just money for lunch                    Register with - Mr. Coccaro               Can accommodate - 24 students




Magic: The Gathering Draft Tournament


This year, the annual Prep card tournament goes old school with Magic: The Gathering, the original TCG! After meeting for lunch, students will have to outhink each otherby drafting their deck on the spotfrom a common card pool before facing off in a 12-man, round-robin tournament. Everyone walks away with their own deck, and the top finishers get prize packs, as well! Leaves Prep at 11a - returns around 4:30p.


Cost: $16 plus lightrail and lunch   Register with: Mr. Bourg         Can accomodate: 12 students



The Grand and Warren Cafe

Quesdaillas? Tacos? Fresh Salsa? The culinary experience returns to Prep this year for Prep Day... Mexican themed! Students will prepare, chop, dice and cook... Gaining all the skills necessary to prepare home cooked meals, AT HOME! 9a -12p

Cost: $10                                         Register with: Ms. Davis                Can accommodate: 20 students

Comic Book Tour of NYC

        Students will tour 2 to 3 comic book shops in NYC. In addition, one owner will talk about his shop/experiences and answer questions. Possible guest visit from a well-known comic book creator?!?!? 9a - 3:30p

        Cost: $20 plus own spending for merchandise       Register with: Mr. Reese    Can accommodate: 30 students




Visit Ellis Island US Immigration Museum

Students will walk to Liberty State Park and get on the on the ferry to Ellis Island. They will arrive at EI and spend several hours visit the US Museum of Immigration, where 12 million people disembarked between 1892 and 1954. Students will see a 20 minute film giving an overview of what immigrants went through arriving at Ellis Island 100 years ago. They will get a tour of the main facilities where people were processed, given medical inspections, fed and housed. Students will see computerized interactive exhibits covering the entire history of US Immigration from colonial times until today.On our journey home on the ferry will travel by the Statue of Liberty, who has welcomed immigrants to US shores since 1886.

Cost: ~ $19 plus money for lunch       Register with: Mr. Cunneen                           Can accommodate: 15 students


Italian Immigration in Downtown Jersey City

Learn about the lifestyle, struggles and success of Italian immigrants

who settled near Prep’s neighborhood. The day will include the following:    

  • 9:45 a.m. Mr. DeLorenzo will lead a walking tour of downtown Jersey City, neighborhoods where Italian immigrants settled and where he grew up.

12:45 p.m. lunch at Porta Pizza: 135 Newark Avenue:

Return to Prep around 2:30p.

Cost: ~ $40                                          Register with: Ms. Romano                           Can accommodate: 30 students


Culinary Excursion to Chinatown

Students will visit the Museum of the Chinese in America in Manhattan’s Chinatown for a self-guided tour of the exhibit:  Sweet Sour Bitter Spicy: Stories of Chinese Food and Identity in the US.

Then we’ll have set lunch of a sampling of traditional Sichuan food hosted by the restaurant Old Sichuan on Bayard Street


Cost:  $25                                   Register with: Mr. McGovern                           Can accommodate: 30 students



Cervantes Institute and Queen Sofia Spanish Institute


             Come join in the opportunity to learn more about Picasso, Dali, Miro and enjoy disserent aspects of the Spanish culture. A traditional "Tarde de Tapas" in Sevila Restaurant included! Leaves Prep at 9am. Return by 2pm.


              Cost: $50        Register with: Ms. Gomez                  Can accommodate: 10 students


Streets of Greenwich Village Scavenger Hunt

  Search twisty streets packed with history, searching for answers to tricky questions. On the way, discover old hangouts of rockers, writers, painters and poets. Highlights include the homes of Mark Twain, Bob Dylan, TV's "Friends" gang and where Jimi Hendrix was "discovered." 9a - 1p.

Cost: $35 plus PATH                     Register with: Mrs. Dillane                Can accomodate: 21 students







Boats and Burritos

We will head to the Navesink River in Red Bank, NJ to kayak. The water is very calm and students will receive a tutorial on kayaking before they get on the water. After kayaking for two hours,  the group will order from Surf Taco in Red Bank and eat at Sandy Hook beach if weather permits. 

  Cost: $70 plus own spending        Register with: Mr. Morrissey    Can accommodate: 15 students


Health and Fitness Bootcamp

       Engage in day filled with exercise and health instruction. The day will also include a walk to a local eatery for lunch and a presentation from our Head Athletic Trainer, Kyle Kutsup. Please be sure to bring athletic clothing and footwear (sneakers) in order to participate in this Prep Day Event. The day will start at 9:00 a.m. and run through 1:00 p.m.

Begins at 9 a.m., ends at 1 p.m

Cost: Approximately $10 for lunch              Register with: Mr. O'Flaherty (Gym)                     

Can accommodate: 30 students