Alumni from -3 and -8 Classes Mark a Milestone

Submitted by mjiran on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 2:22pm

More than 200 alumni, spanning the classes of 1963-2008, returned to Grand & Warren last weekend for the annual Milestone Reunion. Whether they were celebrating 10 years or 55 years as Prep alumni, everyone in attendance enjoyed good food and drink among good friends, catching up over a beefsteak dinner and taking a class photo to mark the occasion.

Alumni Welcome Prep to DC

In the course of two different DC-area Prep events last weekend, alumni demonstrated yet again that the bonds formed at Grand & Warren extend far beyond. On Thursday, Ken von Schaumburg, '86 hosted Prep's annual DC Alumni Happy Hour, welcoming fellow alumni and members of Prep's administration at the offices of Clark Hill PLC on the National Mall. On Friday, Theo Holloway, '81 welcomed a group of current students to the nation's capital as part of an Ebony Club weekend trip.