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Taking Time: Charles Weening, '12

by Ryan Grusenski, '03

For some it is inevitable that some things in life become mundane; we tie our shoes, clean up messes, wait for a bus, and so forth, and it’s easy to take it all for granted. For Charles Weening, ’12, this “fact” could not be farther from the truth. In my interview with Chuck, he must have said the words “unique” and “interesting” at least 15 times in the course of just a few minutes. Finding the unique and interesting in everything that he does is a goal of his.

As a freshman, Chuck quickly found that a well-rounded Prep life includes more than one co-curricular activity. Through freshman year he was an attending member of the medical club, the environmental club and marauder nation. He looks back fondly at his time in Marauder Nation, citing the bus rides as important, because of the stories he was able to hear, and the lessons learned from the upperclassmen. He joined both the medical and environmental club because they “seemed interesting” and he found he could stay in tune with the “pressing topics” of the day.

He also joined the Asian Society. This may seem peculiar at first blush to some observers, but not to Chuck. In fact he joined because he wanted to know more about Asian culture, and this year has become its Sophomore representative. Again, he wanted to try something new and interesting, and “it sounded fun.”

He participates in these activities and events not with any haughtiness, but rather an attitude of awareness. He does what is relevant, as if everything that he does counts for something unseen. He speaks about his time on Student Council and helping with the Walkathon with overwhelming modesty. He explains that he did a lot of setting up and cleaning up, and that those things take time, yet he seems genuinely joyful to do so.

He treats his experience of Scouting the same way, and hopes that by doing so he can pave his way to West Point in two years. He will be the first to admit that it is a lofty goal, but what would one be without them. Until then, Chuck will continue to make his impressions on Prep and its students, one action at a time.