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Magis Awards for 17 Freshmen

On Tuesday, underclassmen returned to Prep for one last time before their early start to summer vacation. They reviewed exams, collected yearbooks, and attended class-level assemblies. For the Class of 2021, the highlight of the day was the opportunity to celebrate a successful first year at Prep, and to honor 17 outstanding classmates who were presented with Freshman Magis Awards.

These awards recognize freshmen who have emerged as leaders among their class, striving to do more in their lives as part of the Prep community. Nominations are submitted by classmates, and evaluated by a committee of teachers and counselors. 

The Magis Award winners are pictured above with Fr. Boller, Mr. DeAngelo, and Mr. Locricchio. Front row: Dorian Clark, Aramchan Lee, Ian Lee, Joaquin Matti, Maximillian Rueda, Chase Bradshaw. Second row: Zachary Bucher, Johnnie Brooker, Patrick McCabe, Eric Han, Andrew Lin, Julian DeLemos. Back row: Matthew Carey, Isaiah Moore, Lawrence Jenkins, Matthew McDonough, Owen Fletcher.