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Modern Language Department Celebrates a Busy Year-End

The closing weeks of the school year have been busy for everyone at Prep, but perhaps busiest of all has been the Modern Language department. Recent highlights have included the induction ceremony for the national language honor societies, the results of national language exams, and the exchange trips that took place over spring break.

Modern Language Honor Societes

At a ceremony on April 30, 110 students were inducted to the national honor societies for their respective modern languages. The inductees are listed below.

Société Honoraire de Français 

Deutsche Ehrenverbindung

Società Onoraria Italica

Justinian Aurora

John Dillon

Mina Hanna

Patrick Haughney

Nicholas Iniashvili

Eric Liao

Christian Madlansacay

Mason-William Matos

Roman Oben, Jr.

Roberto Rodas-Herndon

Willie Richardson III

Kieran Scanlon

Charles Williams

Marcus Woodard

Liam Brown

Nicholas Gayle

Ethan Gaynor

Thaddeus Goratowski

Shashwat Punjani

Steven Racki

Christopher Tolkin

James Anderson

Pax Ardanz

Tracy Bowers

Daniel Cetera

Domenico Crincoli

Maxim Geller

Garrett Gualtieri

Mark Lovito

Alessandro Memmolo

Thomas Muller

Alexander Novello

Jacob Saavedra

  Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Christopher Amaral
Humberto Belvis II
Nathan Blumenfeld
Christopher Brentjens
Christopher Brooks
Jacob Brozon
Antonio Callegari
Andrew Chaparro
Brennan Collier
Quinton Conlin
Orlando Cortez, Jr.
Jaiden David
Mark Del Castillo
Sean Demo
Ethan Diaz
Colin Elliot
Royce Flores
Matthew Forget
Nicolas Galup
David Garrelick
Timothy Georgetti
Alexandro Gonzalez
Kennith Gonzalez
James Gordon
Jeremiah Guzman

Griffen Haas
Kyle Hess
James Jensen
Chase Jones
Asa Kahn
Patrick Keenaghan
William Kelley
Joseph Knox
Justin Koroglu
Jack Kramer
Ceejay Larino
Jin Leem
Maverick Lindo
Nicholas Lojo
Desmond Luck
John Lynch
Sean MacLaney
Andrew Marrero
Brandon Maruri
Kakuyon Mataeh
Jack Meyer
John Millar
Alec Nossa
Jethro Ng
David Niland
Mark Niland

Aidan Nolte
Daniel Onorato
Gregory Pease
Diego Perdomo
Owen Possick
Dylan Quintana
Nicholas Ramirez
Jeremy Resurreccion
David Reverendo
Michael Ribeiro
Edwin Rivera
Joseph Romano
Colby Ruggiero
Andrew Santana
Tristan Sarmiento
Anthony Scarpa
Justin Scocco
Samay Shamdasani
Matteo Sollecito
Daniel Stusnick
Harrison Sykes
Richard Torres, Jr.
Victor Tyne
Jordan Veverka
Lucas Vinci
Ethan Wang-So

National Language Exam Results

Congratulations to these students, who were recognized for their outstanding performance on their respective national language exams.

Student Exchanges

The European legs of the French, Italian, and Spanish Exchanges all took place during spring break this year, paying return visits to the schools whose students visited Prep earlier in the year. For the first time, photos and stories from these student travels are all compiled in one place, the new Prep Global Education page on Facebook (click here!)