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Seniors' Thoughts Turn to Graduation and Beyond

As the school year nears its end – this year's condensed schedule was designed to allow for this summer's renovation of Mulry Hall – Tuesday brought the Class of 2018 several moments to ponder both where they've been and where they're going. 

The Guidance and College Counseling Department invited seniors to pose for photos in their college gear

In an unusual confluence of events, the last day of classes for seniors fell on the May 1 college matriculation deadline, giving the 233 soon-to-be alumni a chance to show off their college colors and celebrate their next steps, even as they neared the end of their journey as Prep students. The senior prom on Tuesday evening at The Grove provided another opportunity to celebrate as graduation (May 24) draws near.

It would seem a lifetime ago, but the Class of 2018 were once freshmen, being welcomed to orientation – and to Prep – by Mr. Anthony Locricchio, '96