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At Junior Mass, Class of 2019 Looks Ahead to Senior Year

As Prep's junior Class of 2019 prepares to assume a leading role in the life of the school next year, the class gathered, along with their families and members of the Prep family, for Mass on Wednesday morning. It was a moment to give thanks for the gifts of three years at Prep, and to celebrate the promise of senior year and its many opportunities.

The day's Gospel reading – the closing verses of Mark, in which Jesus commands the disciples to go forth and preach the gospel, and promises them miraculous abilities in support of this mission – proved fitting for the occasion. Prep's president, Fr. Ken Boller, S.J. invited the juniors to consider the reading, and this moment, as an invitation to humble service – an opportunity to use one's gifts and talents wisely to contribute to the benefit of the whole.

"I hope you won't take Mark's words too literally, and try to pick up serpents with your hands or drink deadly poisons," Fr. Boller remarked in his homily, "but I know that you will do outstanding things, each in his own way [...] Each will be able to take what you have learned, all these years – what has been nourished and nurtured in your time here at Prep – and place it on the altar in service to the community."

During the Mass, rings and medals were blessed and distributed to the juniors as a tangible symbol of their lifelong bond as the Class of 2019, and as part of the Prep tradition.