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Theology on Tap with John Sexton: "Baseball as a Road to God"

On Wednesday evening, the Alumni Spirituality Committee hosted John Sexton, author of Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game, former president of New York University, and an alumnus of Jesuit education. 

Author and academic John Sexton spoke Wednesday in Prep's O'Keefe Commons. More photos

Topics included memories of growing up in Brooklyn (and attending Brooklyn Prep) in the era of the great Dodgers-Yankees rivalries, the search for meaning and transcendence that baseball and religion have in common, and the lessons both baseball and theology have offered over a nearly-60-year career in education.

Watch the full lecture below. Note: the audio volume increases approximately 10 minutes into the video, so you may need to adjust the volume on your device at that point.​

John Sexton is the author of Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game. He has previously served as president of New York University (2002-15), chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2003-07), and dean of the NYU School of Law (1988-2002). Although most of his acadmic career has been devoted to law, he holds advanced degrees in religion from Fordham University, and is a former chair of the religion department at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. He is also a member of the Brooklyn Prep Class of 1959.