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Tradition Transcends Thunderstorms at Prep's 40th Annual Golf Tournament

Submitted by mjiran on Thu, 06/22/2017 - 2:14pm

As alumni, parents, and friends of Prep enjoyed the Father's Day weekend and made their plans to visit Upper Montclair Country Club on Monday, it wasn't clear whether there would be a 40th annual Prep Golf Tournament at all. Dire weather forecasts over the weekend promised heavy rain throughout the day, as well as periods of severe thunderstorms. But when tournament day arrived, conditions were a bit more cooperative – at least for most of the day!

The morning session saw relatively tranquil conditions as the golfers took to the course, but the gentle breezes became a bit stronger during the lunch break, as storms drew nearer. Still, the afternoon golfers had completed nearly half their round before a brief cloudburst, followed by a 10-minute delay due to risk of lightning. The golfers were able to complete another four to five holes before another threat of lightning prompted course management to end the tournament early.

Greg Wagner, Ruthanne Wagner, and Fr. Boller present the Wagner Cup, in memory of Marcel Wagner, '56, to overall tournament winner Don Cymbor, '98. More photos.

Due to the abbreviated afternoon round, awards were presented based on 9 holes for each golfer – hence the extremely low scores listed below! Congratulations to the top performers in this year's tournament:

Lowest Individual Gross (9 holes)
1. (Wagner Cup) Don Cymbor, '98 36 strokes
2T. Chris Shannon 37
2T. Chris Lally, '81 37

Lowest Individual Gross (female golfers) (9 holes)
1. (Ladies' Cup) Lori Shannon 49 strokes

Lowest Individual Callaway Net (9 holes)
1. Garrett Rafferty 33 strokes
2. Richard Southwick 34
3. Chris Cowan 34

Lowest Team Gross (9 holes)
1. Patrick Matts/Dave Gardino/John Alexander/Bobby Hunter 35 strokes
2. Don Cymbor, '98/Gerald Iorio, '98/Bobby Wallace, '98/Brian Sharrock, '98 35
3. Chris Shannon, Kevin Shannon, Lori Shannon, Michael Shannon 36

Lowest Team Callaway Net (9 holes)
1. Rich Donnelly, '63/Tom Moloney/Garrett Rafferty/Vin Plozer 28 strokes
2. John Irvine, '83,P'11/Kate Lillis/Fr. Dan Gatti, S.J. 31
3. Richard Southwick/Orest Krawciw/Lars Moestue/Chris Cowan 31